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A selection of what's been happening over the last few months:

February 13, 2008

Just Released - Noise Reduction Effect A plugin for RipEditBurn Plus, RipEditBurn, and Wave Creator that eliminates unwanted noise from recordings. It will clean up your noisy recordings like magic!

January 1, 2007

All-New Power Record (Ver. 2) now features Song Grabber, a unique way to see to it that you never miss your favorite radio programs again! For instant or scheduled recordings of internet/AM/FM radio, Power Record offers new help files, improved Automatic Gain Control, proven functionality, and Song Grabber.

August 11, 2006

Just Released - ePodcast Creator A single award-winning program does it all! Record, edit, create tags for listing with iTunes, & upload easily all from 1 program! Proven technology & superior support! Free video & written tutorials! Try it free & see how easy it is for weekend podcasters to create podcasts with professional studio polish.

July 17, 2006

Voice Cloak Plus Instant online security & fun! Record VoIP, Voice Chats, or audio files for presentations, voiceovers, & podcasts, then save in the format of your choice. Dozens of one-click Acousticons! Unlimited presets. Voice Effects including 5 band EQ, Echo, & Pitchshift! Free tutorial Video shows you how!

June 1, 2006

Just Released--LP/Tape to CD Software Suite Plus   Deliver the same studio control and editing effects used by professional transfer services. But RipEditBurn Plus means you get the ability to create audio files from those LPs and cassette tapes and export them to your MP3 player!  Do it all and more for a fraction of the price! Includes Record Cleaner, Power Record, Wave Breaker, our brand new Conversion AssistantSound Effects Set 1 , and of course, RipEditBurn Plus!

May 3, 2006

Just Released--Radio Recording Suite Plus   Turn your PC into a VCR for radio. Record AM, FM, internet radio, or any streaming audio content, then make CDs or MP3s to listen to anytime, anywhere!  Be your own DJ when you export to your MP3 player.  Includes Power Record, Sound Effects Set 1, and Wave Breaker! And the Bestselling Tool of its kind: RipEditBurn Plus!

April 3, 2006

Just Released--Recording Studio Software Suite Plus    All the software you need to record business meetings, powerpoint presentations, concerts, family reunions, and more. Your computer becomes a home recording studio! And RipEditBurn Plus lets you add streaming audio, internet radio, even LPs and tapes! Includes Overdub, Power Record, Wave Breaker, and Sound Effects Set 1. And, of course, the Swiss Army Knife of burn tools: RipEditBurn Plus!

February 13, 2006

Just Released - RipEditBurn Plus Brand New! RipEditBurn Plus! Record streaming audio, LPs, vocals, and live music! Custom mix and edit all your playlists--convert easily in Wave, MP3, and Ogg Vorbis! Designed to boost your MP3 player's sound in a way that won't drain its batteries! Burn directly to disc or enjoy original audio content anytime, anywhere on your iPod.

November 14, 2005

Just Released - ePodcast Express! Easy, step-by-step assistant guides first-time users through uploading any audio file to the internet as a podcast. Creates RSS feeds, uploads, even creates tags to list with iTunes popular podcast directory!

September 30, 2005

We now offer the newest LP and Tape to CD Conversion Software Suite, which features the LP and Tape to CD Conversion Assistant, a completely integrated on-screen interactive guide. 5 Award-winning programs + bonus sound effects to customize your recordings. Do-it-yourself has never been easier!

September 5, 2005

We now offer the DT 234 Pro Headset The DT 234 PRO headset is ideal for all kinds of multimedia applications. The noise-cancelling cardioid microphone allows high-quality speech reproduction. Perfect for podcasting or studio use!

August 26, 2005

We now offer the AudiMax USB audio device for true plug and play recording and playback.

August 18, 2005

We have released WebEQ XP 10 Band Graphic Equalizer, 6 Custom Presets, real-time control for your PC's audio system.

July 02, 2005

We have released Karaoke Sing-n-Burn Karaoke software lets you sing directly to CD-- Play, mix, and orchestrate MIDI and .Kar files then burn CDs of your performance.

December 6, 2004

New tabbed navigation. Tell us what you think with an email to

November 25, 2004

We now offer our most popular products in attractive gift boxes with printed manuals. We also now offer a line of cleaning tools and cables.

November 18, 2004

We have released Overdub! - A multi-track recorder for mixing sounds in real time and creating overdubs and voiceovers.

September 17, 2004

We have released a complete tutorial for converting Records and Tapes to CD on Video.

August 3, 2004

RipEditBurn 2.2 released. Our new version of RipEditBurn automatically matches the volumes of all the tracks on the CD you are burning, has improved batch MP3 and WMA processing so you can convert a whole directory of files at the same time.

July 15, 2004

Now you can have your own recording studio - everything you need to record, mix, edit and burn your own CDs including 10 channel mixer, two microphones, and software.

June 4, 2004

Now we offer all of our FREE demos on CD.

May 3, 2004

Our newest package, Radio Recording Suite, turns your PC into a VCR for Radio- record AM, FM, or internet radio and make CDs and MP3s so you can listen anytime, anywhere!

December 23, 2003

The start of lots of fun- Voice Cloak allows you to morph, change, and transmogrify your voice!

December 10, 2003

You can now give gifts easily and conveniently at the Blaze Audio store and get 10% off on your next purchase.

December 10, 2003

We now offer the Maya EX5 USB audio device for true plug and play recording and playback.

October 24, 2003

We have released a set of 14 high quality Scary, Annoying, and Disgusting Sounds, perfect for Halloween or April Fools Day. Click here for more information.

September 27, 2003

We now offer online payment by PayPal.

August 28, 2003

The newest version of RipEditBurn now includes special technologies for reducing or removing vocals from your music.

August 15, 2003

We have added the XP201 professional phono preamp to our line of excellent audio products. It has been an extremely popular addition!

May 26, 2003

Our newest product, Record Cleaner, reduces pops, clicks, scratches, hums, and hisses so you can get better sound when converting records and tapes to CD.

March 28, 2003

We announce the release of Wave Breaker, an easy way to split large waves into tracks. This program works best with RipEditBurn but is a handy utility all by itself.

March 11, 2003

Blaze Audio is very pleased to announce the release of RipEditBurn 2 and Wave Creator 3 with an all new editor. The new editor expands to full screen and, in RipEditBurn, allows editing of multiple files.

February 11, 2003

We've got a whole new look! While many people liked the old Blaze Audio logo with its flames in the background, many other people said the information on our site would be more readable with black text on a white background.

We welcome your comments on the new look- please send them to

November 13, 2002

Blaze Audio announces the release of a VCR for Radio- Power Record. Now you can schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time recordings of your favorite sports, news, or entertainment radio show!

August 19, 2002

We have added a set of 25 high quality sound effects and musical cues to our line of products. For a limited time these are available for $9.95, or, if you purchase RipEditBurn or Wave Creator, you get them as a special free bonus. Read more here.

August 10, 2002

We improved our navigation. Please let us know what you think.

June 17, 2002

Blaze Audio announces a major change in our upgrade policy: We will now provide FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES! If you purchase a Blaze Audio product you are now purchasing a lifetime subscription to all changes and upgrades to that product.

May 27, 2002

RipEditBurn now supports Gracenote's CDDB database so that song, album, and artist information is loaded into the Rip window automatically.

April 29, 2002

Professional MIDI files from HitTrax now available through Blaze Audio!

March 1, 2002

MIDIMaster Karaoke 3.5 Released. MIDIMaster Karaoke now runs on Windows 2000 and XP and has a Configuration Wizard that makes it very easy to get started.

December 4, 2001

Tutorial Posted: Make a Mix CD! Comprehensive instructions for making mix CDs are now available on our How-To pages, and just in time for the holiday season. Click here to create a great gift today!

November 25, 2001

Tutorial Posted: Share your Karaoke Performances! A short tutorial on how to put your MIDIMaster Karaoke performances on CD or turn them into MP3s so you can send them to your admiring fan club is now available. Click here to take a look.

September 10, 2001

Tutorial Posted: Tape to CD Conversion. We've written a fine tutorial on how to convert your tapes and LPs to CD, with pictures and everything. It is the first in what will become our new tutorial section, with easy-to-follow lessons on all kinds of computer audio topics, great and small. Click here to check it out!

August 1, 2001

MIDIMaster Karaoke 3.0 Released. Our new release of MIDIMaster lets you record your own karaoke performances! You should really try out the free demo -- it's tons of fun!

July 28, 2001

Wave Creator 2.0 Released. Our new version of Wave Creator looks better, has new features (fade in and out, for example!), has better MP3 support, is more stable, and still costs only $19.95! Check it out here.

June 12, 2001

Price Reductions! We woke up happy and decided to reduce the price of VoiceSFX and WebEQ to only $9.95 each. Enjoy!

April 20, 2001

New Shopping Cart System. This one's much easier to use and much more useful!

March 9, 2001

RipEditBurn Launched! REB is our complete CD audio solution.

March 6, 2001

Faster Loading Webpage. The new version is much smaller, and better looking too!

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