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Why pay a service to convert LPs and Tapes to CD when you can do it yourself? Do it yourself because:

  • You control the quality! State of the art software & hardware allows you to achieve engineer quality audio!
  • No shipping costs or risks!
  • It's a fraction of the cost you'd pay to have it done!
  • You already have most, if not all, of the equipment on hand!
  • Recording is fully automated after initial set-up!
  • Do it right the first time with Blaze Audio online tutorial or tutorial on video!

You love your music. You love your favorite tapes and LPs and want to save them. Who wouldn't? Most of those tapes and LPs are soundtracks to memories, a part of your life put to music.

You've seen the ads promoting transfer services for about $15 an LP. That may seem like a reasonable price, especially if the vinyl or tape you want to convert is rare and out of print. But did you know that the $15 is only a part of the price you'll pay to a transfer service?


Record cleaning, digital restoration (scratches-clicks-pops-hiss removed), track dividing, & CD case and liner notes are all considered extra services. Extra services carry extra costs and your conversion of one LP can quickly add up to a small fortune!

Don't forget that there's as much as a 2 to 3 month waiting period.

Sample Service Prices Transfer Unit Price
Lp to CD standard transfer - per LP $15.00
Record Cleaning $2.00
Digital Restoration (clicks-pops-hiss scratches removed) $10.00
Track Dividing $5.00
Additional CD copies $5.00
Artwork & Liner Notes,CD cover $5.00
S&H $9.00
Total $51.00
Note: All prices are in US dollars.

Besides cost, have you ever thought about the risk involved in sending your precious vinyl and tapes through the mail? What if they are lost or damaged? Who pays for that? Your rare and out of print LP has suddenly become even scarcer! Why risk it? And after all that cost and time spent what if the recording is not to your liking? What do you do then?

We at Blaze Audio believe there's another solution and that is to do it yourself. Can you really do it yourself? The answer is yes you can! Many consumers already own many of the tools they need to transfer their recordings. What hardware or software you lack, Blaze Audio can supply!


Blaze Audio your premier online source of audio tools and toys has all the software and hardware you need to convert your favorite LP and tapes to CD. We also have an extensive free online tutorial as well as our new tutorial on VHS or DVD to guide you step by step. You can achieve engineer quality audio all at a price you can afford. Best of all, it's done to your specifications, right in your very own home. Just imagine the excitement of converting your very first LP to CD! We think that you'll agree with all the risks and costs involved, there's no reason to pay a transfer service to do what you can do yourself.


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LP/Tape to CD/MP3 Conversion Suite Plus

Transfer LPs and tapes to CD and MP3 with the Conversion Suite Plus: easy recording, superior editing capability, our in-house pro reverb, 1-click Bass Boost, drag & drop into editor, access to iTunes, WMP, eMusic, all online music services

Everything Pack Pro

This package adds a phono preamp, sound card and cables to the Plus version of the conversion software, all at a 20% savings. All the tools you need to convert records and tapes to CD!

USB Audio External Sound Card

Desktop convenience. Connects all your audio devices, including phono preamps. Buy in a combination package with the Conversion Suite Plus and save 20%!

Phono Preamp

Amplifies your turntable's signal so your sound card can hear it, adds RIAA EQ. Use with the Conversion Suite Plus to convert LPs to CD. Buy in a combination package with the Conversion Suite Plus and save 20%!