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Some Comments From Our Customers

"Wave Creator is AWESOME! It works GREAT! It does exactly what I need it to do and my students appreciate the fact that they get to hear MY voice and not a computerized version. Having a versatile program that allows me to edit so easily has been a great timesaver. Thank you so much for making such a useful program!"

Jennifer S. Kelly
Teacher, Calhoun, LA

"Words cannot express my customer satisfaction.
Your software is truly intuitive and easy to use.
Your documentation and supplemental material on your web site is superb.
Your support was excellent when I started using the product and had questions or comments.
Now you have proven that your customer service is better than I would have expected - fast and appropriate. That is often times more important than the product and price."

Robert Bainbridge


Dan Sills

"Just bought Rip/Edit/Burn. In 5 min I made a great mix that I can put on my sons Hockey Site. Think I'll go use CoffeeCup Firestarter right now.
You guys rule. Of course I'm 60 years young but hope that doesn't rule me out. Great product and worth paying for."

When we asked Mr. Chasse for permission to display his comments he responded with the following:

There is no way I could refuse to recommend such an excellent, easy to use product. I've made up some fantastic mixes in the last week. G R E A T"

Lee R. Chasse

"Can I just say thanks for the very quick support indeed. I'm very impressed with your company. I'll certainly be telling others about you."

Matt Birch
A Professional Freelance Musician in Scotland

"[VoiceSFX] is great. I have tried similar programs that are way more expensive than it and are much harder to use and have less features."

Joshua Stewart

"Recently I had a problem with some audio from a surveillance video that was recorded at high speed... No mechanical equipment was available for 'slowing down' the audio so we could hear what was being said and it was critical for our investigation. It was reported that the suspect admitted the crime on this tape BUT the original surveillance equipment had been destroyed. I tried several packages that were available to me but nothing would just slow the audio down so I went searching the internet and found VoiceSFX... Hopefully, with the help of your software, we will get a conviction on this guy."

Randy Williamson,

"First, my background. I was a disc-jockey for 25 years. Chief Engineer of several AM/FM broadcast radio stations in charge of all functions, including AUDIO. Computer software author, Amateur Radio Extra Class, FCC 1st Class Commercial, Certified Electronics Technician, and software beta tester for several companies. When I purchase software, I look for two items in particular. The program has to function as advertised, and second, must be user friendly.

In testing 6 other audio mixing / recording software products, none matched the above standards. Your product was luck number 7. Not only did it function as advertised, but the quality and user friendliness were well above even my standards ! I have an 8 channel audio mixer that has its line output going into my computers line input. Anything and everything that is mixed on my console can be recorded using both your RipEditBurn and VoiceSFX software. I can then use your software to further enhance my final product. This has given me that ability to mix, edit, delete, move, copy, and master my own .wav and mp3 files. Needless to say, both programs were purchased and are used daily. Just as a small example of what can be done with your software, I have created all new .wav files for my computer so all of AOL's, MSN's, Yahoo!'s .wavs are now replaced. That is something a 3 year old could do with the ease of your software. Thank you and if my rating counts, I give it ***** !."
When we asked Mr. Jacobs for permission to display his comments he responded with the following:

"Yes sir, feel free to use my comments anyway you wish. I only report on what I have to look and work with. I have had to write technical reports for radio stations, software companies, government agencies, national companies such as IBM and NCR... sometimes they don't like what they receive, however if the service/product is of the quality of yours, they get a good report. Otherwise, advice or suggestions are offered."

Sam W. Jacobs

"just wanted to write to you to thank you for Rip Edit Burn. I downloaded the free trial program, and was so impressed by it, that I've now purchased the full program.
I'm impressed!!!! Not only did it install flawlessly, but has been a real boon to me. I work with Flash effects, and creating sounds, and editing them is important. Your product helps me achieve this simply, effectively. In short is its brilliant! Keep up the great work. I'll certainly be looking closer at your other products, and recommending this one to all my friends and colleges."
When we asked Mr. Lindop for permission to display his comments he responded with the following:
"yes I am more than willing to have comments used in any and all promotional material you choose them for. Again I'm very pleased with your product, so pleased in fact that I've recommended it to my friends who've inquired about such products.
I don't normally bother to write to companies after the purchase of any product, but yours was an exception. I would also like to add to my earlier comments, while recently upgrading my version of REB, I contacted your support department. Normally this involves sending a dozen or more e-mails even to get one reply. However, in your case I found the mail answered curtiously and very promptly, (first time of writing), and was up and running in no time at all."

Dave Lindop

"Thank you for your prompt e-mail with the information needed for the rip edit burn. I'm very pleased to have this program again. Thanks again for your help! "

Annette DuBose

"I now have a great $40 program "RipEditBurn" that does everything I want.

I load tracks onto the hard drive where I can edit and mix tracks, then I burn all the music onto a blank disc which I take to the studio for taping the program. Cuts preparation time by two hours or more, and the CD does not have the risk of tracking error which sometimes happens with DAT tapes (on the station's deck but not mine).

For music on lp, video, and tape (which can't be loaded on my computer---- wrong room), I burn a RW disc on my audio system, then put that on the hard drive Almost zero extra time.

With the help of a couple of e-mails to Blaze Audio (answered in hours, not days), it took maybe three hours to master the program."

Art Hilgart

"Just want to drop you some lines to tell you how well I like the SoundSFX software. I use the pitch part of the software to change my voice so I sound like several people and record the new voices onto soundrec or WaveStudio. I've been learning the Russian Language for some time now and needed something like this to grasp this difficult language better since verbs and many other words have genders. So I'm really happy that I bought your software. Keep up the good work. "

Alice Carey

"My name is Tony Fletcher and over the past 12-18 months have been an avid user of some of the Blazeaudio software, (e.g Midi Master karaoke, RIp Edit Burn and the VoiceFX). I have never had any complaints whatsoever, only glowing reports of the high standard of your software. my friends are often jealous and remark about the professional capabilities of your programs."

Tony Fletcher

"Please pass on my opinion that Blaze Audio products are great - easy to install, with facile and attractive interfaces. And they're inventive and very effective. I'm really enjoying the use of Wave Creator and VoiceSFX and looking forward to buying other products."

When we asked Mr. Harshberger for permission to display his comments he responded with the following:

"No problem at all. I'm happy to oblige and I stand by my remarks. Honestly, Blaze Audio products not only live up to their advertising, the product support is superior, too. And I can't think of another company that offers free life-time upgrades and then actually abides by the offer. Doing business with Blaze Audio is a pleasure, a walk in the park in an otherwise bad neighborhood."

Michael Harshberger

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