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Wave Creator's Version History
Wave Creator Version 3.2.21 released March 26, 2007
Changes in this Version:
  1. Improved Wave to MP3 conversion speed. New faster speed improves the rate at which Wave files can be converted to MP3. - New
  2. Wave Creator’s uninstaller function will now automatically delete the Lame_enc.dll if this dll is found in that application folder. - New
  3. Revised Help file with new details. - New
  4. Added support of Fraunhofer Professional Codec. - New
  5. Added support of Lame_Wrapper dll for MP3 conversion. - New
  6. Added Drag & Drop feature for Lame Encoder zip file. Users can now Drag & Drop the lame encoder zip file in the Wave Creator window. The file will automatically be unzipped and added to Wave Creator. - New
Bug Fixes:
  1. The Choose Format dialog box sometimes was not saving last used format.
  2. When a color setting was changed by the View -> Set Color option, it would not remain.
  3. In the Choose Format dialog box, OK was not showing as the default.
  4. Options under the Edit menu were sometimes disabled.
  5. Realtek sound card problem has been fixed.
  6. Sometime improperly showing an error message during the audition function in the Burn window.
Wave Creator Version 3.2.18 released January 19, 2007
Changes in this Version:
  1. Implemented various Drag & Drop features. Users can now drag files directly into the editor, where Wave Creator’s editor will open the dropped files one by one. - New
  2. Display settings (such as Time format or Sample number) are now saved between sessions. - New
Bug Fixes:
  1. Sometimes when users clicked to minimize the program, it was not being minimized in the task bar.
  2. The following Key conflicts were resolved:
    • Key Alt + S was the same for Start Process and Reduces Hiss in the Record Cleaner;
    • Key Alt + H was the same for both Eliminate Hum and Help in the Record Cleaner.

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