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Voice Cloak Plus's Version History
Voice Cloak Plus Version 1.0.43 released August 22, 2007
Changes in this Version
  1. Implemented Drag & Drop feature to insert Acousticons. --New
  2. Implemented the ability to reload the last used Preset. --New
  3. Voice Cloak Plus's UI now displays the current preset. --New
  4. Whenever the active preset has been modified, Voice Cloak Plus now shows as "Custom." --New
Bug Fixes
  1. When applying certain preset effects, the user's voice was sometimes hard to understand at the remote end.
  2. When different Presets were applied during VOIP conversations, the recorded file sometimes had De-Sync data.

Voice Cloak Plus Version 1.0.40 released July 12, 2007
Changes in this Version
  1. Interface changed to offer easier access to features. --New
  2. Obsolete information message removed.
Bug Fixes
  1. Resolved occasional synchronization problem with Yahoo Messenger.
  2. Certain effects were not working with Skype.
  3. Local User Voice was not being saved.

Voice Cloak Plus Version 1.0.38 released June 28, 2007
Changes in this Version
  1. Enhanced UI and Buttons --New
  2. Shortcut key assignment facility for Presets --New
  3. Implemented ability to check for Flash player to view Quick Demo.
  4. A customer feedback form have been added to the trial version.
Bug Fixes
  1. Display and UI related issues corrected.
  2. Shortcut conflicts corrected.
  3. Tool-tips on controls have been updated.
  4. Close button was working as OK button, but is now corrected.
  5. Acousticons were not working if Voice Cloak Plus was launched in startup process.
  6. Save file issues which occurred were resolved.

Voice Cloak Plus Version 1.0.35 released February 26, 2007
Changes in this Version
  1. Drag & Drop Acousticons installation added --New
  2. Voice Changer [Warble] effect added --New
  3. New skin properties added for more flexibility, including changes to Dark Theme-skin images --New
  4. Tool tips now available for all sliders --New
  5. Added a playback slider in recorded sound dialog --New
  6. Disable button now disables Preferences, Presets, & Equalizer --New
  7. Now supports AIM6 --New
  8. Improved quality in VOIP recordings using AIM, Google Talk.
  9. Added Fraunhofer Professional support for improved bitrate options --New
  10. Create a tutorial desktop icon now has a keyboard shortcut assigned --New
  11. The Video tutorial window is now resizeable at 1024x768 120 DPI --New
Bug Fixes
  1. Voice Cloak Plus was showing an improper message ("System cannot find the path specified") when an Acousticon was dragged where there was no Acousticons folder. Now, if the folder is renamed or does not exist, one is created.
  2. Acousticons were not always opening with the designated keyboard shortcut.
  3. There was a synchronization problem with Skype Conference.
  4. Sometimes Voice Cloak Plus did not remember the last saving path in MP3, WMA, or Ogg.
  5. Sometimes a canceled file was being saved.
  6. Fixed a bug in which pitch effect slider value is not saved correctly in a user preset.
  7. Was not showing the Rediff Bol in the VoIP Process List.
  8. Was not recognizing AIM as a VOIP application.
  9. Acousticons were sometimes not playing correctly the first time on some machines [mostly low configuration machines].
  10. Users no longer have to activate trial versions of Voice Cloak Plus in a separate login when activation has already taken place in the administrator account.

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