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Sound Effects Set 2

Scary, Annoying, and Disgusting Sounds!

Hear our Halloween greeting, made with Voice SFX, RipEditBurn Plus, and Sound Effects Set 2:
Find out how we did it.

Warning: People of taste and discretion should avoid this set of sound effects at all costs. We include some of the very sounds that would make you request a different table at a restaurant. Just think what fun you can have with these professionally recorded SFX on Halloween or April Fools Day!


Price: $11.21

Full Price: $14.95

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sound effects

sound effect

System requirements OS: Windows 2000 or XP or Vista


Each of our sound effects was recorded and edited with RipEditBurn Plus- of course!

  • The Birds Approach: Alfred Hitchcock would have known exactly how to use this sound effect.
  • Jump Starting Frankenstein: Crank this up loud and it will get you moving, too.
  • Bat Sounds: It is very difficult to get close enough to bats to get a good recording of them. The individual who showed up on our doorstep with this recording would not tell us how he got it, and, frankly, his appearance (black cape, very strange eyes) was such that we did not press the matter. The dog didn't like him, either.
  • Sqeaks: If you like fingernails on a blackboard you'll love this one.
  • Twinkle: She was five years old when she was murdered in the haunted house, now she comes back every All Hallow's Eve to haunt us with her rendition of this folk melody. Mozart did not include this variation in his set.
  • Hell's Bugle: For waking (and annoying!) the dead.
  • Flush: Created with an Gerber Ultraflush 1.6 gallon model using one SM Pro Audio Mc01 large diaphram cardiod mic placed 8 inches from the center of activity and a second Mc01 4 feet from the source pointed in the opposite direction to capture authentic room resonance. The mics were routed through a Behringer MX602A mixer and recorded with RipEditBurn.
  • Belch: After a worldwide talent search we found a 17 year old high school virtuouso to perform this difficult and often perilous effect.
  • Benny's Torture: A beginning clarinet student to make Mr. Goodman's spin in his grave.
  • Tooth Sucking: Mere words are inadequate to describe this masterpiece.
  • Soup Slurping: Perfect for annoying your mother.
  • Toenails Bite The Dust: Possibly the most annoying sound ever. Add this to a friend's screensaver and watch the reaction.

Special Free Bonus Sounds from Soundelux:

  • Scream
  • Glass Breaking

Sound Effects Set 2 requires a PC running Windows with a working Soundblaster compatible sound card.

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Scary Annoying


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Disgusting Sounds


"Can I just say thanks for the very quick support indeed. I'm very impressed with your company. I'll certainly be telling others about you." -- Matt B. (a Professional Freelance Musician in Scotland)

professionally recorded
Halloween Day