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Voice/Sound Effects Software Suite


Create professional quality sound effects with Voice Cloak Plus, Wave Creator, Voice SFX, and Sound Effects Sets 1 and 2 --the perfect tools for videos, custom recordings, movie making.

  • Create sound effects with Backwards, Chorus, Echo, Flange, Robot voice Effects, pitchshift
  • Record from a mic, line input, or other source and apply special effects
  • Save enhanced audio in Wave, WMA, Ogg, and MP3 formats
  • Each program adds its own unique features to the package

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Price: $101.40

Full Price: $126.75

You SAVE $25.35

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System requirements OS: Windows 2000 or XP


Voice/Sound Effects Software Suite Includes:

add sound to presentation

Alter your voice, record VoIP conversations, voice chat. Presets, 5 band EQ, Echo, Pitchshift, more. Free Sound Effects. For XP lovers only!


Easy wave & MP3 editing & recording at our lowest price. Full line of studio effects.

add presentation

Create original sound effects, change pitch, reverse your voice! Designed for kids; big fun for adults

sound effects

25 authentic, non-synthesized sound effects. Set any mood with fanfares, drum beats, fiddle tunes, fireworks.

sound effect

Scary, annoying, and disgusting sounds! Bats, birds, screams, breaking glass and more.


Voice/Sound Effects Software Suite requires a PC running Windows 2000 or XP.

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You can purchase the full version for US $101.40. (Save $25.35 Full price $126.75).

effects add sound to presentation



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"Words cannot express my customer satisfaction. Your software is truly intuitive and easy to use. Your documentation and supplemental material on your web site is superb. Your support was excellent when I started using the product and had questions or comments. Now you have proven that your customer service is better than I would have expected - fast and appropriate. That is often times more important than the product and price."
-- Robert B.

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