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RipEditBurn's Version History
RipEditBurn Version 2.3.38 released June 22, 2007
Changes in this Version:
  1. Vista compatible.-New
  2. Now burns supported audio files directly into Data format.-New
  3. User permission related changes for Windows Vista.
Bug Fixes:
  1. Showing Was incorrectly showing an error message sometimes when the following effects were applied: Note Scrubber, Central Channel Removal, and Mono to Stereo.
  2. Mecora Music Search removed from file menu.
  3. Incorrect error message displaying when an opened audio file was played after deleting temporary files.
  4. Unable sometimes to re-launch RipEditBurn after closing program from Burn window.
  5. Message in Record Cleaner dialog box in trial version updated.
RipEditBurn Version 2.3.36 released March 21, 2007
Changes in this Version:
  1. Improved Wave to MP3 conversion speed. New faster speed improves the rate at which Wave files can be converted to MP3.-New
  2. Revised Help file with new details.-New
  3. Changes to allow Master Volume Control to be used if any selected source does not have volume control.-New
  4. Support of WMA reader while decoding MP3 files added.-New
  5. Ability to add Lame Encoder using Drag & Drop.-New
  6. Added support of Fraunhofer Professional Codec.-New
  7. Added support of Lame_Wrapper dll for MP3 conversion.-New
Bug Fixes:
  1. WMA Export function occasionally worked improperly & has now been fixed (WinXP SP2+WMP10)
  2. Waveform was sometimes not changing when an undo operation was performed in conjunction with Zooming in or out while deleting a selected part of a Wave form.
  3. Options under edit menu were sometimes disabled under the following circumstances: While playback is ongoing, a portion of the Wave form was selected. Then, if the playback was stopped, the options under Edit menu were disabled.
  4. The Help button on the Notch Filter Dialog box was not working.
  5. Realtek sound card problem have been fixed.
  6. Sometime improperly showing an error message during the audition function in the Burn window.

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