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Recording Studio Software Suite Plus

Complete Easy-to-Use Home Recording Studio
  • 5 powerful programs make your PC or laptop a complete recording studio for home, church, school, concerts.
    • RipEditburn Plus records from all sources and edits with powerful tools;
    • Overdub adds real-time 2-track recording and mixing for videos, YouTube, presentations, commercials;
    • Wave Breaker splits long recordings into tracks;
    • Power Record is like a TiVo for internet radio, with scheduled & instant recording;
    • Record Cleaner cleans up noisy audio recordings;
  • Also included: non-synthesized sound effects and music clips including Fiddle, Harp, Trumpet calls, Shofar, Car Engines, Live Fireworks, Bats, Birds, and Breaking Glass
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Sale on muusic recording and editing software

Price: $99.95

Full Price: $259.65

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System requirements OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Hear audio samples edited with pitch shift, overdubbing, record from lp Free online product manuals for Blaze Audio programs

Recording Studio Software Suite Plus Includes:

Record, edit all sound and audio with easy-to-use pro program

Our premium audio recorder and editor. Record from all sources, edit with extensive effects, manage iTunes playlists.

timed, delayed, instant streaming audio recording

Scheduled, timed, instant recordings from any audio, including internet radio. Song Grabber records 5 or more minutes into the past!

clean noisy sound recordings mp3s wav Ogg WMA

Eliminates pops, clicks, scratches, hum, and hiss. Works with RipEditBurn Plus, RipEditBurn, & Wave Creator.

break long music files into tracks for easy editing

Split large wave files into small manageable tracks easily and automatically.

overdubbing and layering music, voice, audio

Real-time 2-track mixing and overdubbing. Record presentations, videos, commercials, podcasts, ringtones, Youtube, complete musical arrangements.

25 authentic, non-synthesized sound effects. Set any mood with fanfares, drum beats, fiddle tunes, fireworks.

Scary, annoying, and disgusting sounds! Bats, birds, screams, breaking glass and more.

  • Bass Boost for deep, full sound even in MP3s
  • Tempo/Speed Changer speeds up or slows down sound without distortion
  • Pitch shift raises or lowers pitch without changing speed
  • Scene FX creates any acoustical environment from a cave to a concert hall
  • Compression & Limiting allows remastering by using full dynamic audio range
  • Voice Changer lets you speak in a variety of voices for podcasts, presentations

Recording Studio Software Suite Plus requires a PC running Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP and Windows Media Player 9 or higher. You will also need a CD burner for certain features; click here for a list of supported burners.

For WMA support, you need Windows Media Player 9.

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Complete digital recording studio for recording and editing music on PCs, buy now Add to cart easy to use digital recording studio for recording and editing mp3s, wav, Ogg, WMA on PCs


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