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Wave Creator

Recording Software Thatís A Wave Recorder & More!
  • A Wave recorder that edits & converts!
  • Recording Software that Normalizes, Equalizes, Fades In & Out!
  • Wave Creator is the one Wave (.wav) recorder that features Reverse, Chorus, Echo, & more!

wav recorder

Wave Creator is a complete Wave (.wav) recorder. But it's more than ordinary recording software; it's a Wave (.wav) recorder that cuts, copies, pastes, has a 10 band stereo equalizer, full studio effects, and converts between MP3 & Wave (.wav) files. Wave Creator is the ultimate Wave recorder for professionals or first-timers!


Price: $24.95

Full Price: $39.95

You SAVE $15.00

wav recording software wave recorder wav recorders

System requirements OS: 2000 or XP.

wave recording software Complete wave recorder. Easy to use wave recorder for recording, and editing wave files. Profesional ave recorder at affordable cost! wav recorder

If you need CD ripping and burning as well as a versatile Wave recorder, click here for RipEditBurn Plus, Blaze Audio's all-in-one PC audio powerhouse software.

With Wave Creator, edit Wave files or MP3s downloaded FREE from the internet. This Wave (.wav) recorder edits files (including MP3) from any source your computer supports!


Here's recording software that lets you play your voice backwards with the Reverse effect, or do more serious work with the built in10 band stereo equalizer. This is one Wave recorder that does it all and it's ONLY

Price: $24.95

Full Price: $39.95

You SAVE $15.00

  • Record your garage band, rant, oration, or sermon;
  • Digitize your old tapes & LPs. (Don't forget to try RipEditBurn or integrated CD creation software);
  • It's the Wave (.wav) recorder that also records your voice & lets you add special effects (like echo and chorus);
  • Edit the annoying applause out of live recordings!
  • Sound Recording capacity to apply audio equalization to Wave (.wav) files you edit;
  • Record your voice and overlay it on top of background music;
  • Here's a Wave (.wav) recorder that will let you play Mozart (or the theme from "Mr. Ed") backwards;
  • Change the sound recorder format of a Wave file (i.e., 22 KHz to 11 KHz sampling rate).
    • Wave (.wav) recorder that edits audio files from any source your computer supports (microphone, line-in, etc.);
    • Recording software that features a graphic waveform window for easy editing;
    • Open, Edit, and Save Wave or MP3 files;
    • Easy Cut-and-paste editing of Wave files in the waveform window.
    • Support for three different sampling rates (11, 22, and 44 KHz) and both 8 and 16-bit audio.
    • Wave (.wav) recorder that edits Wave & MP3 in both stereo and single-channel audio.
    • 10-band equalization.
    • A wide array of special editing effects.
    • Ability to mix sounds in a single recording -- you can overlay your voice on top of music, for example.
    • A reverse feature that will play your sound recording backwards.
    • Conversion between different types of Wave (.wav) recorder files (for example, 8 to 16 bit).
    • Full technical support and a 30-day money back policy!

    Wave Creator requires a PC running Windows 2000 or XP.

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    wave recording software

    Voice/SFX Software Suite

    Wave Creator joins 4 other programs for a powerful sound effects creation package.


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    Complete wave recorder. Easy to use wave recorder for recording, and editing wave files. Profesional ave recorder at affordable cost!
    wav recorder


    wav recording software

    Power Record

    Scheduled, timed, instant recordings from any audio. Edit them with Wave Creator.


    USB Audio External Sound Card

    Desktop convenience; connects all your audio devices to your computer.



    10-Band Graphic Equalizer software for real-time control of your PC's audio.



    Wave Creator adds editing capability to our layering/voiceover program, Overdub.


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    "Wave Creator is AWESOME! It works GREAT! Having a versatile program that allows me to edit so easily has been a great timesaver. Thank you so much for making such a useful program!"
    --Jennifer S. Kelly, Teacher

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    wave recording software
    wav recording software