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Professional Sound Recording & Editing For Beginners!
  • Drag & Drop audio files for easy sound recording & editing;
  • Easy conversion of classic mix tapes and other sound recordings to CD;
  • Format sound recordings as Wave (.wav), MP3, and WMA; batch conversion;
  • Normalize, EQ, Fade In/Out-A sound recorder that's also a complete editor.

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sound recorder

No ordinary Sound Recorder! says this sound recorder has "...What it takes to please all but the most pro-level users." RipEditBurn is a professional studio quality sound recorder, editor, ripper, & burner!


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sound recording software record sound sound recording software

System requirements OS: 2000, or XP

Powerful sound recorder for professional sound recording & editing sound recorder sound recording

RipEditBurn, Blaze Audio's award-winning sound recorder, turns your PC or laptop into a complete digital sound studio! A true sound recorder, it rips CDs (including copy protected CDs by using our Analog Ripping Technology), edits Wave, WMA and MP3 files, converts MP3/WMA files to Wave and Wave files to MP3/WMA, and burns custom mix music CDs easily, quickly, and at the best price available.

Totally integrated, RipEditBurn is the sound recorder that does it all! Free tutorials show you exactly how to manage your music collection. A full range of studio editing effects such as fade, equalization, volume normalization, & other special effects enhance your sound recording. Even if you've never burned a CD before, perfection's just a click away!


RipEditBurn also features Vocal Reducer, which reduces or even eliminate vocals from sound recordings using sophisticated equalization sound recording technology and center channel removal algorithms.

We feature step-by-step instructions for converting your tapes and records to CD and for creating original mix CDs. First-timers can learn sound recording and editing at the Beginner's Starting Point. More than a sound recorder, RipEditBurn will have you dancing to your own custom music CDs in no time!


Want to get your music off your CDs so you can edit it, burn it, or convert it to MP3 or WMA? Sure, it's possible to play a CD on your computer and simply record the output onto disk -- but you'll lose a lot of the quality that makes CDs sound so good. That's because your music gets degraded as the signal passes through your PC's soundcard and is converted to analog and then back to digital again. The solution? A process called "ripping", where your PC actually extracts the music directly from the CD in all of its pure digital fidelity, and saves it directly to your hard drive without involving your soundcard at all. RipEditBurn lets you quickly and easily rip audio from your CDs directly into the program's editing or burning modules. It sounds great, and couldn't be easier to use!


RipEditBurn's editing module lets you open wave and MP3 files, Imports WMA files, and by recording from any source your computer supports (microphone, line-in, etc.). You then have full control over the audio using all the most common editing tasks, allowing you to cut, copy, and paste audio; crop out unwanted segments; mix files together; adjust sampling rate and bit depth; add effects such as echo, EQ, chorus, flange, and reverse; and more. You can then save your finished audio to the MP3 or export in WMA and RealAudio formats, or send it to the burning module if you want to create a CD.


RipEditBurn lets you record your own audio CDs that can be played back in any standard CD player (car, home stereo, portable unit, computer, etc.). And you can record anything you like onto your new CDs! Make a mix of all your favorite songs in your CD collection. Burn those MP3 files onto a CD so you can listen to them on the road. Record your piano lesson in our editor and then burn a CD for your teacher. Record a baby's first words, burn them onto a CD, and send them to the grandparents! Burning is extremely easy using RipEditBurn, even if the only thing you've ever burned before is your morning toast.


RipEditBurn requires a PC running Windows 98, Me, 2000, or XP and Windows Media Player 7 or higher. You will also need a CD burner for certain features; click here for a list of supported burners.

For WMA support, you need Windows Media Player 9.

    Rip Features:
  • Extract audio from your CD collection in pure digital format
  • Extract audio at high speeds (generally at least twice as fast as standard playback)
  • Ability to extract (rip) a track to either the editor or directly to RipEditBurn's burn interface
  • Rip from any drive supported by your PC (RipEditBurn lets you choose)
  • Edit Features:
  • RipEditBurn uses an upgraded version of the proven and highly effect editor used in Wave Creator
  • RipEditBurn Will Decode and Encode MP3 files with most popular codecs.
  • Open and edit WMA files and export it to WMA format with most popular codecs.
  • ID3 tag/Song Info. editing for both MP3 and wave files.
  • Capable of recording from any source your computer supports (microphone, line-in, etc.)
  • Full graphic waveform window allows you to see a visual display of your audio and zoom in or out at will
  • Cut-and-paste editing of your audio
  • Fade In and Fade Out
  • Allows you to export RealAudio files for use on the internet
  • Support for various wave formats (11, 22, or 44 KHz; 8 and 16-bit depth; mono or stereo).
  • 10-band equalization
  • Various special effects can be applied to your audio. You may add Echo, Chorus, Flange, and Reverse.
  • Amplification and automatic volume normalization
  • Ability to mix sounds -- you can overlay your voice on top of music, for example
  • Most effects can be applied to both channels of stereo audio, or each channel separately
  • Will automatically trim silence below a certain threshold
  • User-adjustable temp folder location
  • Mute
  • Conversion between different types of audio (for example, 8 to 16 bit)
  • Drag & Drop audio files directly into the editor--quick, simple!
  • Burn Features
  • Burns wave or MP3 files
  • Automatically converts MP3 files to standard CD audio prior to burning
  • Fast, reliable burning using the Adaptec CD Burning plugin
  • Creates CDs that can be played back in any standard audio CD player
  • User-selectable burning speed
  • Ability to audition tracks before burning
  • You can add tracks to the burn interface from either the Rip or Edit modules
  • Save your burn lists to disk for later use
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sound recording software record sound Powerful sound recorder for professional sound recording & editing


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LP/Tape to CD/MP3 Conversion Software Suite

Integrated set of 5 programs for converting LPs and tapes to CD/MP3.


Everything Pack

6-program Conversion Software Suite, sound card, preamp, cables.


Recording Studio Software Suite

6 programs record, mix, overdub/layer, burn CDs, export to MP3.


Radio Recording Software Suite

4 programs record radio programs, edit, burn to CD, export to MP3.


Phono Preamp & Conversion Software Suite

Compact preamp amplifies phono signal so the software suite can record your vinyl.


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sound recording
Powerful sound recorder for professional sound recording & editing


sound recording

Noise Reduction Effect

Profiles and removes pervasive noise from your audio files


Wave Breaker

Automatically breaks long recordings into separate tracks.


USB Audio External Sound Card

Desktop convenience; connects all your audio devices to your computer.



Adds layering and voiceover capability to RipEditBurn.


Power Record

Scheduled, timed, instant recordings.



10-Band Graphic Equalizer software for real-time control of your PC's audio.


Phono Preamp

Compact unit amplifies turntable signal, adds RIAA EQ.


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I use RipEditBurn for mastering CD compilations. i've been whittling down my CD collection of its "one good song" albums and I put all the keepers on CD-R collections that I want to sound their best. REB is great for finding volume spikes in older recordings. I lower the level on the spikes and can normalize the rest of the track to be more loud and compressed to stand up with today's recordings. Also I love being able to edit the beginning and end silence fade in/out of live recordings etc. It really makes my homemade mixes sound better than their original sources!-- Joe S.

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