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Power Record's Version History
Power Record Version 2.0.31 released Sept 21, 2007
Changes in this Version:
  1. Drag & Drop of any URL from the browser into Power Record's scheduling function. - New
  2. Drag & Drop of any radio station from iTunes Radio directory into Power Record's scheduling function. - New
  3. Vista compatible. - New
  4. Automatic addition of any new radio station to user's personal list of saved radio stations. - New
  5. Users are now alerted when deleting a schedule if this deletion will remove the audio file associated with that schedule. - New
Bug Fixes:
  1. Editing and revising existing schedules was sometimes an issue.

Power Record Version 2.0.26 released July 23, 2007
Changes in this Version:
  1. New Quick Help files added - New
  2. Changes to the Trial Activation process.
  3. New Help Files added. - New
  4. RipEditBurn Plus now completely integrated with Power Record via a new Edit button. - New
  5. Added Drag & Drop feature for Lame Encoder zip file. Users can now Drag & Drop the Lame Encoder zip file in the Power Record window. The file will automatically be unzipped and added to Power Record. - New
  6. Shutdown facility added once schedule is completed. - New
  7. Save and Convert option has been added in the Schedule right click menu. - New
  8. Warning message now lets users know if the recording source is changed during recording. - New
Power Record Version 2.0.21 released Feburary 26, 2007
Changes in this Version:
  1. Encoder Format/Rate now saves the last selected rate, even when Record quality is changed - New
  2. Registry now reads related change so that all keys are opened with Read Only access.
  3. Instant recording stops automatically when the end date is the next day - New
Bug Fixes:
  1. Fixed Realtek HD audio problem. (Replaced BAPLMIx.dll with BAMixHlp.dll).
  2. Fixed Limited user account activation problem by adding a message for Limited users & making other changes in trial versions related with this problem.
  3. Popup-menu at schedule list is now showing correct items when Menu key (Right-Click key) is pressed.
Power Record Version 2.0.19 released January 12, 2007
Changes in this Version:
  1. "Setting the record source?" labels have been added in the following 4 locations to assist users - New
    1. Instant record panel (Main window);
    2. Schedule settings dialog box (Audio Properties tab);
    3. Instant record settings dialog box;
    4. Song Grabber record settings dialog box.
  2. Record source popup menu label has been replaced with an arrow button which indicates a popup menu link - New
  3. Additional new help files - New
  4. Changes in the Main window which now allow more schedules to be shown at a time - New
  5. Hints have been added in the General tab of the Preference Dialog box for all the check box options - New
Bug Fixes:
  1. Power Record was sometimes not playing WMA files that had been recorded as Instant Recordings.

Power Record Version 2.0.17 released January 1, 2007
Changes in this Version:
  1. Now a warning message will alert you when the volume at which Power Record is being recorded is changed. - New
  2. Popup menu for the Record Source popup has been added in the Instant Record panel which gives more control at your fingertips. - New
  3. Multiple Instance recording support - New
  4. Song Grabber for instant recording - New
  5. One click access to Recording Source help & info from screen - New
  6. Support of WAV, WMA, MP3 recording - New
  7. Support for WAV-MP3, WAV-WMA, WMA-WAV conversions - New
  8. Support of WMA, MP3, WAV playback - New
  9. Graphics, dialog box information, & help files - New
  10. UI Controls, playback slider, & recording options - New
  11. Periodic Schedule Recorded Files dialog box for selecting periodic scheduling - New
  12. The following right click popup menu items for each schedule entry: - New
    a. Remove schedule;
    b. Stop scheduled recording;
    c. View recorded files for periodic schedules;
    c. Preview;
    d. What is this?
  13. Schedule info grid & file info grid now displays time in 00:00:00 format. - New
  14. A warning message now alerts users if there are any pending schedules in the list, as well as displaying the next schedule name along with its starting time. This option has been added in Preferences. - New
  15. Users may choose to minimize instead of terminating Power Record when time it is closed. - New
  16. Recorded Files Button to open the Periodic Schedule Recordings window has been added. - New
  17. Ability to add recording frequency and specify frequency stop date has been added. - New
  18. Automatically Stop Recording option has been added for use with Instant Recording. - New
  19. The following Stop Recording functions have been added for Schedule Recordings. - New
    a. Options: Do nothing special;
    b. Shut down system;
    Also, when a scheduled recording stops, a warning dialog with a count down timer now is shown. This allows the user to cancel the shut down before the countdown ends or to shut down immediately.
  20. Quick Start files added. - New
  21. "What is this?" feature added. - New
  22. Enhanced online support assistance added. - New
  23. Schedule Entry dialog and Instant recording dialog only enumerates once for the selected recording time if recording type and recording quality has not been changed by the user.
  24. All schedules which are running may now be stopped by clicking on a single button, such as Stop All Schedules Now.
  25. Added Different icons for Pending and Done schedules.
Bug Fixes:
  1. In the Record Setting dialog box for instant recording, the Encoder Format/Rate dialog box was not saving the last selected rate. This has been fixed so that now the rate chosen by the user becomes the default rate.
  2. Lamewrapper.dll error on Windows 2000.
  3. A timer of 10 seconds has been placed on the window of the free trial version. This means the window will automatically close after 10 seconds, which allows users to continue with their trial use of Power Record without interruption
  4. When Power Record was already running in the system tray and users clicked on the desktop icon, then the program was not appearing.
  5. The Recording Source was sometimes changing when users opened the Edit Scheduled Recording dialog box.

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