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Powerful Wave Editor: RipEditBurn Plus

Easy to use wave/mp3 editor. Rip & burn CDs. Free 14-day trial
  • Edit Wave with a full range of studio effects including reverb, normalize, reverse, flange, more
  • Change tempo and pitch, mix tracks, add voiceovers
  • Improve bass response with Bass Boost and 10-band stereo EQ
  • Convert between MP3, Wav, Ogg Vorbis, & WMA formats
  • Drag & drop files into editor
  • Record Wave from all audio sources, streaming audio, DVDs, CDs, LPs, tapes, live recording, electronic instruments
  • Record from iTunes Radio, subscription services, and internet radio stations
  • Rip & burn CDs

wave editor

Professional Wave editing tools in an easy-to use program! Record from any source and edit the Wave with drag & drop, cut & paste, fade in & out. Add effects to your sound, mix tracks together. Record streaming audio, convert LPs and tapes to CD/MP3, rip and burn CDs.


Price: $59.95

Full Price: $99.95

You SAVE $40.00

wave edit wave editors wav editors

Version: 1.0.51

System requirements OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000

wav editing wave editing edit wave editng wav

Try the free trial download.

RipEditBurn Plus is available at a discount in our combination packs.

Keep current with all the program's new features & updates and Free Upgrades

RipEditBurn Plus is designed to work directly and conveniently with several of our other programs through the Tools tab. Overdub adds 2-track recording capabilities, allowing you to create voiceovers and many-layered complete musical arrangements. Wave Breaker splits long files, such as an LP or CD, into tracks for easier editing. Record Cleaner removes pops, clicks, hiss, hum, and noise, and includes our studio quality bass boost.


RipEditBurn Plus is a complete music management software tool. It has 4 modules: Rip Record, Edit, Burn, and Plus.


Record from any audio source your computer supports, including streaming audio, and export to your iPod or burn to CD. Extract pure digital audio directly from your audio CDs.


Extract pure digital audio directly from your audio CDs in RipEditBurn Plus's ripping module. Send your songs to the Plus module to create playlists for your iPod, to the Edit module for modification, or to the Burn module to burn to CD.

  • Extract audio at high speed
  • Automatically copy CD information (artist, title, track)
  • Create original playlists for iPod
  • Rip from supported CD drives
  • Analog ripping from copy-protected CDs for personal use

RipEditBurn Plus records from any audio source that you can hear on your computer: online streaming audio files--DVDs--CDs--live performances--interviews--internet and conventional radio--vinyl records or tape players--microphones--mixers--electronic instruments. If you can hear it, you can record from it!

  • Record from any audio source supported by your equipment
  • Choose a sampling rate from 8000Hz to 96,000 Hz
  • Record at a variety of bit rates
  • Record stereo or mono, convert quickly and easily from one to the other
  • Control the volume of each stereo track

RipEditBurn Plus has all the high quality editing capabilites of RipEditBurn, plus an impressive array of new additions. Our engineers have created an all-new reverb that is the equal of any reverb on the market today, PLUS a host of new features.

NEW effects:

  • Reverb--10 presets plus complete manual control over high and low pass, dry and wet levels, room size, width and damping
  • Bass Boost--improves bass sound, especially helpful for MP3 players such as iPods.
  • Tempo/Speed Changer--speeds up or slows down the voice or music without affecting pitch
  • Voice Changer--varies the level (amplitude) of recorded sound very quickly
  • Compression and Limiting--makes audio levels in different parts of a recording consistent with each other
  • Scene FX--uses multiple echoes and early reflections of sound to create a wide variety of environment simulations
  • Pitch/Frequency Changer--changes the pitch without affecting speed

NEW features

  • Drag and Drop--drag files, drop them directly into the editor
  • Create sound effects & attach to graphics, use in playlists or as acousticons in Voice Cloak Plus
  • Export or save your files to different formats--WMA, RealAudio, Ogg Vorbis, and WAV.

Easy-to-use interface

  • Cut & paste, Undo back one level
  • Zoom in & out of waveform
  • Help button for every effect
  • Full screen option for easier viewing of waveform
  • Slider control of record volume, replay volume, pan

All our classic effects

Bass Boost
Center Channel Removal
Compression And Limiting
Fade In & Out
Notch Filter

Mono to Stereo
Note Scrubber
Pitch/Frequency Changer
Sound Warmer
Tempo/Speed changer
Voice Changer


Load in your music files, arrange them in the order you choose, and burn your own customized mix CDs for your listening enjoyment, to give as gifts, to use with your aerobics class, or to sell.


This module manages your online music sources. You can download selections from Windows Media and iTunes libraries, and Yahoo, MSN and eMusic stores. The window lists all your music files. Any music track may easily be selected and then opened in the Edit or Burn windows.

  • Create original playlists to edit & export to your iPod. Never be a slave to iTunes again!
  • One-click access to eMusic, Yahoo! Music Store, MSN Music store, & more
  • Combine music easily for original mixes
  • Listen to tracks in the Plus window before editing
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000
  • 500 MHz Pentium class processor or better.
  • QuickTime 7.0.4 (included)
  • 256MB RAM.
  • Supported CD-R or DVD-R drive to burn CDs.
  • Broadband Internet connection (DSL/Cable/LAN) for buying and streaming music.
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Adds layering and voiceover capability to RipEditBurn Plus

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This program should be considered for anyone who wants to speed the recording process up! It's clean simple and great for anyone at any level.
--Glenn S.

mp3 editor

I have found RipEditBurn very easy to master & am very happy with the results. I can now create my own favorite CDs from music copied from my records.

mp3 editing

I absolutely love Rip Edit Burn Plus. I have been converting some old 78's and LP's from my dad's collection and I use REB+ as my recording and editing program.
--H.Edward W.

music edit

I appreciate the excellent keyboard access to your RipEditBurn Plus software. I am currently vision-impaired and depend on the easy access you provide.
--Joseph L.

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