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  Convert Records To CD!  

Convert Records to CD with Blaze Audio's full range of software & hardware! It's easy to get professional results when you convert your precious records to CD yourself. Don't pay expensive transfer services to convert your records to CD. Let us show you how!

  You've seen the ads for Tape & LP to CD transfer services for a basic $20 per LP? Forget about it!  
  • They have as much as a 2 or 3 month waiting period.
  • Did you know that the $20 is only part of the price you pay?
  • One LP can quickly cost $52 or more!
  • Those chintzy turntable converter combos can cost you $400 and most offer no restoration extras at all!
  • Burn those record albums and tapes to CD yourself! Make a clean & perfect copy!

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Price $99.95

LP and Tape to CD Conversion Software Suite Plus delivers the same studio control and editing effects used by professional transfer services. But RipEditBurn Plus means you get the ability to create audio files from those LPs and cassette tapes and export them to your MP3 player!  Do it all and more for a fraction of the price! This Suite Plus includes Record Cleaner, Power Record, Wave Breaker, our brand new Conversion AssistantSound Effects Set 1 , and of course, RipEditBurn Plus! (Lifetime Free Upgrades)

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Do You Need a Phono Preamplifier?

The foutput from your turntable might be sufficient to drive a sound card, but most turntables require a phono preamp or a stereo receiver to provide sufficient amplification and proper RIAA equalization. Our desktop LKG PRE600 phono preamplifier converts the low-level turntable signal to a line-level signal that can be processed by sound cards, mixers and amplifiers.

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Do You Need an External Sound Card?

The environment inside a computer is noisy and your computer's internal sound card will not give you the best sound reproduction. Our USB 5.1 Channel Audio Adapter is a desktop external sound card, producing professional quality audio recording and playback.

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Why Convert your LPs Yourself?

  • You control the quality
  • No shipping costs or risks
  • It's a fraction of the cost you'd pay to have it done
  • You already have most, if not all, of the equipment on hand
  • What hardware or software you lack, Blaze Audio can supply

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