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For: Blaze Audio, POB 189, Lopez, WA 98261
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Blaze Audio is a Blazing Online Success

Seattle, WA, USA November 7, 2001: Most news coming from the technology sector these days is bleak- layoffs, falling sales, lowered expectations for future revenues, etc. E-commerce has been particularly hard hit as what looked like endless promise two years ago has become a dreary landscape of struggling or dead companies.

One company that is bucking the trend is Blaze Audio ( Despite well established competitors, sales of Blaze Audio’s MP3 editors, Karaoke programs, and other audio tools and toys have tripled in the past year. Traffic on their website has doubled. Blaze Audio is adding new products to its line, setting up new affiliates, and, in general, giving solid evidence that all is not lost in the world of internet sales.

"People are always looking for products that work and companies that stand behind them", says Kyle Anderson, Blaze Audio’s Web Store Manager. "In tough times that becomes even more important. We’ve been improving our products, improving our website, and reaching out to more people. Most of all, we’ve been paying close attention to what our customers want. It’s paying off."

Blaze Audio has one advantage not shared by its competitors- it is a subsidiary of Singing Electrons, Inc., one of the world’s leading software development companies. For years Singing Electrons has provided engineering expertise to AT&T, Dolby Labs, Motorola, Philips, Yahoo!, Yamaha, and many other companies. Now that same team of developers is creating products for Blaze Audio.

Important as technical excellence is, marketing, product positioning, and paying close attention to customers are even more important. For example, surveys of Blaze Audio’s customers indicated that 58% of them wanted to convert records and tapes to CDs- almost as many as wanted to edit wave and MP3 files (62%). That inspired Blaze Audio to post an extensive online tutorial on their website, with photographs and screen shots, showing exactly how to make the conversion using their popular RipEditBurn program.

Excellent customer service is another secret of Blaze Audio’s success, and it starts at the top of the company. Chief Blazing Officer Tom Jeffries personally reads every incoming query to customer support. The information he gathers is reflected in product planning, one big reason their return rate is less than 1% despite a generous 30 day return policy.

What's next for Blaze Audio? They have some interesting products in the works, including a voice scrambler for videoconferencing. To date they have avoided bringing in outside investors, but they are now considering that option so that they can extend their marketing campaign. Given their track record and the fact that, by their estimates, they are currently reaching only a small fraction of their potential audience, they are likely to generate plenty of interest even in these times.

About Blaze Audio:

Blaze Audio is a subsidiary of Singing Electrons, Inc. ( ). Since 1984 Singing Electrons, Inc. has been a world leader in developing device drivers, applications, and firmware for AT&T, Disney, Dolby Labs, Lucasfilm, Motorola, NASA, Philips, QSound Labs, Samsung, Yahoo!, and a host of other companies.

For: Blaze Audio, POB 189, Lopez, WA 98261
Further information: Tom Jeffries,

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