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Blaze Audio Makes Creating CDs from Tapes and Records Easy

Seattle, WA, USA October 18, 2001: Many of us have a problem- some of our best music is on tapes and records that lose some of their quality every single time they are played. Digital audio CDs are better since they donít wear out, but converting tapes and records to CD is a daunting task.

Blaze Audio announced today that it has set up a major online resource for people who want to save their music collection on CDs without having to get an advanced degree in electrical engineering. This resource includes a complete, step-by-step description of the process, photographs of each of the different connectors required, and an online forum for questions.

"We created the tutorial for users of our popular RipEditBurn program", said Tom Jeffries, Chief Blazing Officer at Blaze Audio. "Then we realized it would be useful to a wide range of people trying to save their music collection. We added the discussion forum and posted the tutorial, with pictures, on our website as a resource to the online music community as a whole."

"This is one of the most useful things Iíve seen on the internet" said music teacher Celia Rosenberger. "I wanted to create custom CDs so I wouldnít wear out my priceless out-of-print records playing them in classes, but I didnít know how. The tutorial, along with a question or two on the discussion forum, had me burning CDs quickly and easily."

The tutorial and discussion forum can be found on the How To pages on Blaze Audioís website at Although it was written for users of Blaze Audioís inexpensive and popular RipEditBurn program it will be very useful to people using other recording, editing, and CD burning software.

About Blaze Audio:

Blaze Audio is a subsidiary of Singing Electrons, Inc. ( ). Since 1984 Singing Electrons, Inc. has been a world leader in developing device drivers, applications, and firmware for AT&T, Disney, Dolby Labs, Lucasfilm, Motorola, NASA, Philips, QSound Labs, Samsung, Yahoo!, and a host of other companies.

For: Blaze Audio, POB 189, Lopez, WA 98261
Further information: Tom Jeffries,

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