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Chatting Online: The Virtual Backyard Fence

(Seattle, WA August 2, 2006) If Alexander Graham Bell could only see what he started. From barely distinguishable words traveling between two rooms to instant, often free calls carried around the world, voice communications have made startling leaps in the last two hundred years. Web-based teleconferencing, a cheaper and more flexible alternative to traditional telephone services, is quickly becoming the communication medium most people prefer.

Nowhere is this rapid shift more evident than in the explosively popular world of online voice chats. VoIP, the name of the technology that effectively lets people talk back and forth over the web, has become the new backyard fence: a place where "neighbors" meet to flirt, exchange news and gossip, and build ideas.

One aspect of voice chatting, the use of voice changing software, adds security and lets the users enjoy the anonymity of the internet with flair. Voice Cloak Plus, by Blaze Audio, is a good example of this technology. Users of Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and other VoIP applications can instantly present virtual personas. Special effects are activated with a single click, including pre-recorded wisecracks, unusual sounds, or even dialog from movies.

Blaze Audio originally developed this technology as a work place security application, but Voice Cloak Plus grew into a software tool that amplifies and enriches the on-line experience. As part of its development, Blaze Audio invented "Acousticons." These are unique icons organized into a library of voice clips and sound effects. By clicking the appropriate icon, budding commentators and comedians can respond instantly with everything from sarcasm to real sympathy. Users are referring to them as "emoticons for your ears."

In addition to Acousticons and special voice effects, Voice Cloak Plus boasts a multi-purposed recorder. Among other things, it records both sides of VoIP and internet chats. It allows users to create voiceovers for presentations, podcasts, audio mixes, and videos. Another feature lets users create custom presets so they can instantly summon up original "chat characters" at the click of a key.

How people converse is likely not as important as the fact that they are conversing. VoIP technology makes it safer and more affordable for people to, among other things, "make the human connection." Products like Blaze Audio's Voice Cloak Plus help communication be as pleasurable as it is vital. Voice Cloak Plus is an invitation for people to linger in conversation over the fence.

About Blaze Audio:

Blaze Audio is a subsidiary of Singing Electrons, Inc. ( ). Since 1984 Singing Electrons, Inc. has been a world leader in developing device drivers, applications, and firmware for AT&T, Disney, Dolby Labs, Lucasfilm, Motorola, NASA, Philips, QSound Labs, Samsung, Yahoo!, and a host of other companies.

For: Blaze Audio, POB 189, Lopez, WA 98261
Further information: Tom Jeffries,

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