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For: Blaze Audio, POB 189, Lopez, WA 98261
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Blaze Audio's Newest Generation of Downloads

(Seattle, WA May 8, 2006) Blaze Audio, maker of RipEditBurn Plus, flashes across the audio software scene once again with a new 10% discount on all its products purchased through free trial downloads. This discount is just part of Blaze Audio's commitment to customer support and the concept of shareware. If the customer is satisfied with the trial, Blaze Audio will cut the price of the full software download by 10%.

Additionally, Blaze Audio announces plans to include Flash tutorial videos in all of its popular software. This educational element is already included in Karaoke Sing-n-Burn, Blaze Audio's unique and highly entertaining Karaoke software. CEO Tom Jefferies notes that Flash tutorials make Blaze Audio's already straightforward audio software even easier to use. "The 10% discount," he says, "is our way of saying ' thanks' to our many customers and ' welcome' to those who haven' t had a chance to get to know us."

By offering 10% off on purchases from downloads, Blaze Audio is broadening consumers' awareness of the power, versatility, and economy of its programs. Free trials are a proven way of allowing customers to experiment with and comment on new software. Blaze Audio has long been committed to solid customer relationships and informed users.

Using free trial downloads means users can purchase such software as Karaoke Sing-n-Burn or the multi-faceted RipEditBurn Plus for less by simply trying before buying. Karaoke Sing-n-Burn allows singers to control the speed, volume, and the key in which they want to perform. With RipEditBurn Plus, users can record anything, such as tapes, LPs, streaming audio, internet radio, and vocals to a hard drive, CD, or MP3 player. RipEditBurn Plus also allows users to refine sound quality, add play lists, and more.

Free trial downloads are an excellent and proven way to become familiar with software without any financial risk. Blaze Audio encourages its customers to try products out, buy what they know, and take a 10% discount, too.

About Blaze Audio:

Blaze Audio is a subsidiary of Singing Electrons, Inc. ( ). Since 1984 Singing Electrons, Inc. has been a world leader in developing device drivers, applications, and firmware for AT&T, Disney, Dolby Labs, Lucasfilm, Motorola, NASA, Philips, QSound Labs, Samsung, Yahoo!, and a host of other companies.

For: Blaze Audio, POB 189, Lopez, WA 98261
Further information: Tom Jeffries,

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