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Get Ready for Halloween
with 3 great programs!

Make creepy sound tracks for your haunted house!
Our premium editor, RipEditBurn Plus, and our sound effects program, Voice SFX are on sale for only $89.95, and we are including our set of 14 Creepy and Disgusting Sound Effects

offer good until October 31, 2013

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Hear our Halloween greeting!
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Voice SFX

Voice SFX gives easy access to a wide variety of instant effects: Echo, Chorus, Flange, Fade, Bass & Treble, Robot-Voice, Backwards, Slow Monster, Fast Squeaker, Sweep Up and Down, Helium Breath and Sulphur Breath.

Record your files with RipEditBurn Plus (live, off the internet, or off CDs), use its word processor-like tools to get the exact sound clips you want, then use Voice SFX to add effects easily by clicking on the buttons. Finally, use RipEditBurn Plus to mix the files together for a hair-raising effect!

Sound Effects Set 2

Scary, annoying, and disgusting sounds! Bats, birds, screams, breaking glass and more.

RipEditBurn Plus

A powerful yet easy to use audio recording and editing software program. Record live music, streaming audio, LPs and tapes, speeches, church services, chorus rehearsals, and interviews. Record from any audio source your computer can hear. Edit Wave, MP3 files with professional tools and effects, including our own completely customizeable Reverb, bass boost, compression & limiting, pitch and tempo changer, and more. If you want to record streaming audio, get complete internet music service access, and have our most advanced editing tools, this is the program for you.

Get Voice SFX and RipEditBurn Plus for only $89.95 AND FREE Creepy and Disgusting Sound Effects Set 2!
until October 31

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