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  2. Setting Up

The first thing you have to do is to set your Record Source. Do that by pressing the Rec Source button at the left side of the interface and then clicking on the Devices tab:

REB+'s Record Source Window

Selecting the record source depends on your computer, your sound card, and what you are recording. Most of the time either Stereo Mix, Default Recording Device, or Line-in should do the trick. In certain circumstances you may need to go to the Record From area and change from Device to Application. This varies with different computers and different operating systems, you may need to check the user manual to be sure.

To find out whether you have selected the right device, press Record while the audio is playing. If you see the indicator lights moving in the lower left corner of the interface you've found the right record source.
Volume LEDs
If you want good quality audio, set it to record at 16 bits, 44.1 KHz stereo.

The final step before recording is to test and set the record volume. Press the red Record button in RipEditBurn Plus while the audio is playing. Watch the LEDs in the lower left portion of the interface near the playback volume and left/right sliders, and use the record volume control that is at the left of the Record and Record Dev buttons to set the record volume.
Recording Controls

These dancing lights are the level indicators and they show you at a glance if you are recording at too high or low a record volume. Set the volume so that they don't quite hit red at the very loudest portions of the music. You want to record as hot (loud) as possible, but if the record volume is too high the recorded sound will be distorted.

Analog Ripping - Listen to all your audio on your mobile devices!
1. Introduction
2. Setting Up
3. Recording

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