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  3. Recording

Now that you've set up RipEditBurn Plus to record and tested the volume, all you need to do is record. Start recording in RipEditBurn Plus first, then start the playback. Press Record again (or the Stop button) to stop recording. After you stop recording, you should see the waveform of the file you just recorded in RipEditBurn Plus's display.

Now you have the wave file and you are basically done. You can easily edit the file from this window if you would like. You'll probably want to at least delete the silence at the beginning of the file by highlighting it and either pressing the delete key on your keyboard or using Menu->Edit->Cut with your mouse.

Removing silence at beginning of file

When you are satisfied with your changes, save it. If you want to create an mp3, simply "Save As" the file as MP3 file type.

The quality of analog ripped audio on most machines is almost as good as the quality of the original analog audio. You can now listen to all your audio on your portable devices!


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Analog Ripping - Listen to all your audio on your mobile devices!
1. Introduction
2. Setting Up
3. Recording

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