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  5. Promoting Your Podcast on the Internet

Once you have created a page, either on your own webhost or with one of the online publishing services, your next task is to promote your podcast. If you already have a subscriber base, i.e., a website that generates a lot of traffic and has an established mailing list, you may wish to send out a mailing to your users. Or if you belong to a group related to your podcast, e.g., a Yahoo! History group, you may want to announce that you are producing a podcast. Note: Please use proper etiquette when posting to groups or sending to lists other than your own. It is always good practice to view your organization's rules so you will not be accused of spamming.

Another way to promote your podcast is to list in the various directories related to podcasting. Some examples are Podcast Pickle, Podcast Alley, iTunes Podcast Directory (this requires creating an iTunes specific feed), and Yahoo! Podcast directory. You can list your podcast in subject specific categories, e.g., History, American, as in our example so listeners who share the same interests may find you. If you publish your podcast with an online publishing or blogging service, many publishers also have their own directories that they will list you in. For a review of how to list on the various directories please visit these sites. All of these services provide detailed tutorials that will guide you. A search on Google will also reveal many other podcast directories.

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Promoting and Publishing your Podcast