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  7. Voice Clips

One way to really personalize a CD is by adding voice clips. Though this will of course give you slightly less time for music tracks, a personalized mix CD makes an excellent gift, especially for far-away loved-ones. You can either download sound clips from the internet (try searching for "movie sounds") or record yourself talking, singing, or whatever with RipEditBurn Plus . Recording in RipEditBurn Plus is easy - just press the Record button (the one with the round red dot on it) and speak into your microphone. Press Stop or Record again to stop recording. Your voice is automatically recorded as a wave file, so all you have to do is edit the file - cut off silence at the beginning or end and normalize if necessary. Then just save a final version and add it to your Burn List.

You can also do voiceovers, by mixing the voice clip into one of your songs, rather than adding it to the Burn List as a separate track. See the edit page for more information on mixing.

Some ideas:

  • A theme CD with appropriate sound clips - a space theme might include clips of Darth Vader or laser noises.
  • A travelogue CD with songs that remind you of places you've traveled and short stories or explanations in between songs.
  • A radio show, with announcements and fun DJ-talk (you could even use our VoiceSFX to change your voice)
  • An audio letter - record yourself reading a letter and send the CD instead. Who says your mix CD has to have music?
  • A romantic CD with soft music and a personal message.
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