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  2. Select Your Music

The flowchart below will give you an overview of the CD-creation process. There are really only three basic parts to making a mix CD: inputing and preparing the music, editing, and putting together your burn list. The items in the red bubbles are all ways to retrieve music from different sources. If this is your first CD, you might want to use only one source - only MP3s or only CD tracks. That will simplify the process even further.

The first thing you'll want to do and collect the songs you want to put on the CD. You can fit 74 minutes of music on a typical CD-R. That is usually about 16 songs, but the number will vary depending on their lengths. So go to your CD collection, your MP3 collection, that box of tapes in your closet, your record collection, etc, and make a list of your favorite 16 or so.* Bring the tapes, records, and CDs you've chosen over to your computer.


*Note that Blaze Audio does not condone the illegal distribution of copyrighted material.

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