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  8. Burning the CD

When you have 74 minutes of audio lined up (check the Total Time Required display at the bottom right - it must be less than 1:14), you have a full Burn List and we are almost ready to create the CD. Note: do not try to burn more than 74 minutes of music - you will end up with a lovely new coaster. In the Burn window, arrange your tracks using the Move Up, Move Dn (top right) buttons. You can use the Audition button to remind yourself what each track sounds like.

Once you have the perfect order, put in a blank CD-R. You can buy these a very reasonable prices at places like Office Max and Office Depot. Make sure you use a disc labeled CD-R, NOT CD-RW. Though CD-RWs are nifty in that they can be burned more than once and rewritten, they will not play in your standard CD player. Click Burn CD. Try burning at the highest speed your computer supports. If that doesn't work, choose a lower speed. It is a good idea to close all other programs before you start burning, and just leave your computer alone while your CD is being created.

Congratulations and welcome to the world of mix CDs!

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