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How We Made a Halloween Sound Track Using VoiceSFX, RipEditBurn Plus, and SoundEffects Set 2

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Hear our Halloween greeting!

We wanted a Halloween sound track so we started with a recording of Bach's Organ Toccata as the basic track. We didn't want it to be very long so we opened the recording in RipEditBurn Plus, selected the part to cut, and hit the delete button on the keyboard. To make it taper off gracefully we selected the last little bit of the file and added the Fade Out effect from the Effects Menu. We noted the sampling rate and the other attributes that are listed across the bottom of the screen to the right of the "Change Song Info" button. The significant attributes are the sampling rate (i.e., 44100 Hz), the number of bits (ie 16 bit), and stereo or mono. When you go to mix in other files, they all have to match these attributes.

We wanted a voice greeting for trick-or-treaters that sounded creepy, so we recorded "Hello and welcome!" with a mic in VoiceSFX and saved it as a .wav file.

Greeting before adding effects:
Greeting after adding effects:  

VoiceSFX Slow Monster settingTo add effects with VoiceSFX, you load in your wav file, click on effects buttons on the screen, then click Play to hear the results. Nothing is permanent until you save the file, so you can push as many or as few buttons as you wish, as many times as you wish. We used Slow Monster for our creepy voice. We clicked Edit->Save As to save as a wav file.

choose formats in RipEditBurn PlusSince the file was recorded in mono and at a lower sampling rate than the Bach, and therefore would not mix, we opened the file in RipEditBurn Plus, chose menu item Edit->Change Format, clicked in the Attributes window, chose the set of attributes that matched the Bach organ toccata, and saved the file.

We found the scream, the bats, and the birds in Blaze Audio's Sound Effects Set 2, and we checked to be sure they had all the right attributes for mixing.


Now we had all the files we needed to make our sound track with RipEditBurn Plus. We loaded in the Bach organ toccata. We wanted the first scream just after the first notes, so we positioned the cursor there, clicked on the Mix button, and chose the file from the browse menu. Mix adds the new file on top of the old. We Mixed in the greeting after the scream, then started adding the birds and the bats. Then a final scream near the end, and we had our chilling greeting for would-be tricksters!

To record the soundtrack to a CD, you save the file as a .wav file. To play it on an iPod, you save it as an MP3.

Buy RipEditBurn Plus and Voice SfX for only $89.95, get Sound Effects FREE

Buy RipEditBurn Plus and Voice SfX for only $89.95, get Sound Effects FREE

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Sound Effects Set 2
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Buy RipEditBurn Plus and Voice SfX for only $89.95, get Sound Effects FREE