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  7. Using Wave Breaker to split long files into tracks

If your recording included more than one song or track, splitting the file into individual tracks will facilitate editing. Wave Breaker splits long files automatically and creates a playlist of the files that can be burned to CD or put on an iPod or WMP. Wave Breaker is included in Blaze Audio's Conversion Software Suites and Recording Studio Software Suites and is available as an add-on to RipEditBurn Plus, RipEditBurn, and Wave Creator.


Install Wave Breaker on your computer (it installed automatically if you installed a Conversion Suite or Suite Plus, or a Recording Studio Suite or Suite Plus).

You can load a previously recorded file directly into Wave Breaker from File>Open, and it will immediately be split into tracks.

If you are working on a file in RipEditBurn Plus or RipEditBurn, access Wave Breaker in the Tools menu by choosing Split Files into Tracks. Save the file if it is not already saved. Wave Breaker opens with the file loaded and automatically begins to split it into tracks.

Wave Breaker searches the file for places where the signals are quieter than 10% of maximum amplitude for a duration of at least 3 seconds and breaks the wave files at these points. If you wish to change these default settings, choose Preferences from the File menu and choose the Track Splitting tab in the dialog box. Enter the new values and click OK. Click Analyze File on the main program screen to split the file using the new values. All the tracks will be split according to the new criteria, whether they are selected or not.


To split a track further, you must specify where you want Wave Breaker to split the track.

Click on the file name in Wave Breaker's main window to select it, click Play and note the time position (i.e., 000:19:344) where you want to split the track. To find the location in the file's waveform in RipEditBurn Plus, position the cursor at the spot where you want to split the track, and note the time position in the time window under the transport controls.

Check the box next to the file name in Wave Breaker's main window and click Split Track. A dialog box opens, asking you to enter the location where you want the track to be split. Enter the time position and click OK. Wave Breaker splits the selected track into two tracks at the specified point and adds the newly split tracks to the list in the main window.


The default names of the split files are displayed in the program's main window. You can edit the file names by right-clicking on the file name and entering a new name.

Wave Breaker saves the split files to the same location as the original file, unless you change the file path at File/Preferences—General tab—Output File Location before you click on the Save button. Choose the file type (Wave or MP3) of the split file to be saved from the drop-down menu next to the Save button.

When you click Save or choose File>Save, you will be asked if you want to save tag information in the new file. If you choose Yes, a dialog box will open asking for song information, such as artist, composer, album, etc.


You can merge split tracks back together.

Select any number of consecutive tracks from the list in the main window by checking the boxes next to the file names. Click Merge. Wave Breaker merges these tracks into one track and only the new merged track is listed.


Check the boxes next to the file names of tracks you want to edit.

Click Edit. You will be prompted to save the split tracks if they are not already saved, and then the files will open in RipEditBurn Plus and RipEditBurn.

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