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  6. Using Power Record to stop recording automatically

It can be tedious sitting around waiting for each song on an LP or tape to finish recording. The LP/Tape to CD Conversion Suites include a program called Power Record that automates some of the recording tasks.

Power Record allows you to schedule the beginning and end of a recording session and includes automatic gain control to prevent distortion caused by unexpectedly high volumes. If you own RipEditBurn Plus, you can also schedule timed recordings of internet radio programs using Power Record. Power Record's Quickhelp file explains how.

RipEditBurn Plus and RipEditBurn do not have to be launched to use Power Record to record your records or tapes. You will use those programs later to edit your recordings, create your personalized playlists and burn CDs.

Power Record's Automatic Gain Control lowers the recording volume when the input is too high, so you can record a complete side of a record or tape without having to monitor the volume.

Do this test to be sure Power Record can "see" your recording source:

  1. On your computer's desktop, click Start>Control Panel. Double-click Sounds and Audio Devices. Choose the Audio tab. Set the recording and playback devices to the sound card or USB audio device you are using.
  2. In Power Record, choose File>Preferences. Click Devices and set the recording and playback devices to the same settings you entered in your computer's system in step 1 above.
  3. On Power Record's screen, in the bottom center under Instant Recording, click Record Source until Line or Line In appears.
  4. Click Record and start your LP or tape. If the volume indicators under the Record button light up, your settings are correct. If they do not light up, you will have to experiment with different Record Source choices and settings.

To set the automated timing:

Click Add in the upper right of Power Record's screen.

Name the event (such as "Diana Ross Anthology"). The file will automatically be saved under this name at the conclusion of the recording session. By default, all saved files will go in a Power Record folder in your Documents. You may change the location by going to the menu item File>Preferences>Save Location, clicking on the "" button under "Create Recorded Files In", and choosing your preferred location from the directory.

Set the time you want to start recording and the time you expect the recording to be finished. One side of an LP is about 25-30 minutes long. You can delete any silence at the end if you overestimate the ending time.

Choose One Time Only from the Recording Frequency drop-down menu.

Click Audio Properties on the left side of the window.

  • Set the Recording Source to Line or Line In
  • Choose the recording quality you want (CD is the best, but uses the most memory space; FM is next, and AM uses the least memory but its fidelity is not as high)
  • Choose the file type (WAV, MP3, or WMA). WAV is used to make CDs and has the highest fidelity; MP3 files are compressed files and are used by iPods and can be sent in emails more easily; WMA files play on Windows Media Players.
  • Set the Recording Device so it is the same as #2 in the "Do This Test" section above.

Click Finish. Power Record is ready to start and stop your recording session.

When Power Record begins recording, the little clock face to the left of the file name on the main screen turns blue and the hands start moving. Start your LP or tape playing and go mow the lawn, buy groceries, or take a nap. When the recording is finished, the file is saved automatically under the name you entered in the Name the Event box.

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