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  2. Connection Basics

Getting the connections right is important. These pictures show you what the connectors themselves look like. Remember, jacks are the holes you insert the plugs into.

1/4" stereo plug
1/8" stereo plug
RCA plugs
RCA jacks

It is very important to use stereo connectors. If you don't you will record in mono rather than stereo. In the pictures below the stereo connectors are on the top and the mono connectors are on the bottom.

The metal part of the stereo plug(top) is divided with an insulator between the right and left channels.
1/4" Stereo Plug (top) 1/4" Mono Plug (bottom)
1/8" Stereo Plug (top) 1/8" Mono Plug (bottom)


In order to record, you need to connect your turntable, preamp, receiver, or tape deck to your computer's sound card or USB audio device.

DO NOT connect speaker outputs that are designed for speakers that don't have their own power supply ("unpowered speakers") to your sound card or USB audio device. If you do, the output may damage your sound card or USB audio device

Use the headphone jack instead.

The picture at the left shows the most common connectors for speakers that do not have an external power source. Don't use these.

You can use speaker outputs designed for speakers with an external power source, the kind you probably use with your PC. If you are in doubt consult a qualified service professional.

If you have red and white RCA plugs on your cable connect the red plug to the right RCA jack on your turntable or tape deck and the white plug to the left channel. There are some variations and you may have to experiment.

Make sure you connect to the line or aux input on your sound card or USB audio device. Don't connect to the mic input or your recording will be distorted and you might even damage your audio hardware.

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