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  3. Making Music

You can open 3 kinds of music files with Karaoke Sing-n-Burn: MIDI files (.MID); standard karaoke files (.KAR), and performance files (.PFC). To open a file, choose Open from the File menu. Then navigate to the file you wish to open and click Open. Or you can click the Open File icon on the playback panel.

You may also choose one of the preselected songs already provided for you by Blaze Audio. These are accessed by first clicking Browse. Double click on the song title and its lyrics will appear in the lyric window.

Please Note: Karaoke Sing-n-Burn will not play MP3, CD+G, or Wave files.

Whenever available, you can monitor your lyrics. (Lyrics are available through most .KAR files and many .MID files, as well.) As the song plays, Karaoke Sing-n-Burn scrolls the lyrics and highlights the words as they should be sung.

You have the option of choosing the size, color, and style of the font in which the lyrics are displayed, as well as choosing a background color upon which the lyrics appear. As with everything in Karaoke Sing-n-Burn, experiment to see what works best for you!

Lyrics Window

You can even change the size of the window in which the lyrics appear.

Adjusting Tempo, Key, and Volume

Tempo, Key, and Volume can be set by using the three sliders. If you wish to speed up or slow down the song, set the Tempo before beginning your actual recording. (Please note: Tempo cannot be set during the actual performance.) Key (which changes the music to a higher or lower key) and Volume can both be adjusted while recording.

Midi Channel controls

There are 17 Track sliders that can be used to control individual tracks. The first one (the one on the far left) is the slider that represents your voice and can be used to mute, solo, and change the volume of your voice after you have recorded a performance.

Once you have chosen your song, set the lyrics as you'd like them displayed, and adjusted the Tempo, Key, and Volume to your preferences, you're ready to begin!

Karaoke Sing-n-Burn Tutorial