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  6. Other Ways to Save Performances

Add Track:
To add a track (Wave or MP3) to the burn track list, press Add Track in the lower-left corner of the Burn Performance window.
This will display a dialog box in which you can locate any song on your hard drive for inclusion on the list. You can add Wave files (*.WAV), or MP3 files (*.MP3).

Remove Track:
To remove a song from the burn list, simply select it and then click Remove Track.
This will not remove the file from your hard drive; it will only remove it from the Burn Queue. If you would like to remove all the tracks on your list, simply click Clear List.

Clear List:
Clear List removes all the entries from the burn list.

To play back a song in your burn list, you must first select it by clicking on it, then pressing Preview in the lower-middle part of the Burn Performance window. To stop the Preview, press Stop.

When the Preview playback of a selected track is on, just press Stop to end playback.

Save Burn List:
To save the current burn list, press Save Burn List, and the program will open a Save as dialog box, point it to the save location, and save the burn list. A file with extension .bl is saved.
The name and path for all the songs that are in the burn list are saved in this file. You can reopen this file again by pressing Open Burn List and pointing it to the saved burn list location.
This is the proprietary format of Blaze Audio Karaoke Sing-n-Burn.

Open Burn List:
To open an already created burn list just press Open Burn List and point it to the saved burn list location.
All the tracks in the burn list will be displayed in the burn user interface.

Preview On Selection:
Check this option to start the Preview automatically as you select tracks from the burn list.

Karaoke Sing-n-Burn Tutorial
1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
3. Making Music
4. Recording
5. Burning a CD
6. Other Ways to Burn Performances
7. Rock-n-Roll with Sing-n-Burn!