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Extracting Audio from a Video

You may want to extract audio from a video, whether the video was made with your phone or is on your computer or on the internet. I just got this note from Celia Rosenberger, a fine violinist and violin teacher and the webmaster for Peterson Conservatory of Music and Arts in Mt. Vernon, WA.

"This weekend the Director of the Conservatory sent me a short video of the trumpet instructor playing in a concert, taken with her phone, that had great audio but the video was poor. They really wanted it on the website, so I played the .mov file with Quicktime and used RipEditBurn Plus to extract the audio and fade in & out and it made a very nice 30-second sound clip for his teaching bio page." Here's the result:

Extracting the Audio

Run whatever program you use for video playback, and make sure you have the right video loaded. Then start RipEditBurn Plus. Make sure the record device is set to your internal sound card by clicking on the Rec Device button and making the proper selection:

Record Device

Volume Level Too High It is important to set the volume levels correctly. Play through the piece, and watch the level meter at the lower left corner of the screen. Any time you see the box at the top of the level meter turn orange, the record volume is too high and there may be distortion.

Record Volume ControlYou may have to spend a bit of time setting the volume so that you are getting the full sound, but are not getting distortion. Use the volume slider to set the volume.

Once the volume is set, hit the Record button, choose the sampling rate, bit rate, and number of channels (we suggest using the highest values for each that your computer allows), and then switch to Quicktime or YouTube and start playback. When playback has ended, hit the record button on RipEditBurn Plus to stop the recording.

Editing the Audio

Most likely you will want to trim the silence at the beginning and the ending. Simply place the mouse just before the audio you want to keep and drag it to either the beginning or end, then hit the delete key.

Deleting the beginning

If you want a fade in or a fade out, select the part of the file where you want the fade in or fade out, then click on Effects->Fade In or Effects->Fade Out.

Fade In Fade Out

Choose Save As to save the file as an mp3, and you can use it on any web page, send it as an email attachment, or use it on a YouTube video.

Extracting the audio from any video is easy. We like to keep it that way with RipEditBurn Plus.

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