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  4. Zooming In & Out

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Blaze Audio's editors provide two ways to zoom in and out to view part of a Wave file closely.

1. Use the zoom buttons at the upper right corner of the Wave editing area:

The upper left button zooms in to a selection.
The upper right button zooms all the way out, displaying the entire Wave file.
Click the lower left button to zoom out by increments.
Click the lower right button to zoom in by increments.

2. The overview window, just below the main waveform display, controls both the zoom function and the portion of the Wave file that is visible in the display window.

The two vertical bars within the overview window show the left and right edges of the portion of the waveform displayed in the main display window. Use the cursor to move these markers.

Use the right and left arrow buttons at each side of the overview window to scroll through the waveform display. Click the arrow buttons repeatedly to scroll by increments. Hold them down to scroll quickly through the waveform. The arrow buttons do not move the cursor.


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