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  3. Selecting Part of a Wave File

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There are 4 ways to highlight, or select, the section of a Wave file to be edited.

1. Position the mouse cursor at the beginning of the area to be selected. Hold down the left mouse button, drag it to the right or left, and release the button. Here's how it looks:

mouse selection

2. Use the Start and Stop digital time displays at the left side of the screen. Choose start and stop times from the time scale below the Wave display. In the time display box on the left, enter the start and stop times in the appropriate boxes, then press Enter. The selected area is highlighted.

mouse selection

3. Combine 1 and 2 to fine tune the selection. Make a rough selection with the mouse and change the numbers in the Start and Stop boxes as described above.

4. Keyboard shortcut: hold down the shift key and press the right and left arrow keys on the keyboard to move the end of the selected area a little at a time.

Click Play in the transport controls in the upper left corner of the screen to hear the selection.


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