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  3. Playing an Audio CD

Your computer's CD or DVD drive can easily play audio CDs, and in combination with some simple and free software, and your computer's speakers, you can turn your computer into an excellent stereo system. Here's how:

Open your CD or DVD drive by pressing the eject button on its face (usually, this will be the only button on your drive; if there are others, they should be labeled). Place your CD in the tray, shiny (non-label) side down. Close the drive by pushing the eject button again. Many computers will detect the CD and automatically start playing it using your default audio CD player. If not, open your Start Menu and go to Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> CD Player to bring up Windows' player.

Windows CD Player

Most software CD players (sometimes also called "jukeboxes" when they play other types of audio as well) are designed with standard control buttons that look like those on your stereo. Hit play and your CD will begin playing (make sure your speakers are on!); when you are done listening, hit eject, either on your CD drive or in the player program, and take the CD out.

Some audio CD players will also display the actual song titles in their interface instead of the generic "Track 1", "Track 2", etc. To do this, the CD player will connect to the internet and try to match your CD against a master database of song information. If a match is found, the player will download the information and display it for you on your screen. This extra step is necessary because audio CDs usually do not store any artist or track information.

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