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  1. Introduction

Don't know anything about recording or editing computer audio? Want to refresh your memory on the basics? This is the spot! We understand that not every music-lover is also in love with their PC or knows everything about PC audio, so we’ve written these step-by-step instructions (in plain English!) to help you get started. Why bother learning? Because digital audio is the key to a world of possibilities! You can record and edit sounds, including sounds from the internet, make your own CDs, mix and edit music, add EQ, change and distort sounds, and make MP3 files to listen to on your mobile phone. Now you can easily do all kinds of things that used to be impossible for anyone but the most dedicated and wealthy audiophile - so read on, and join the digital audio revolution today!

To follow this tutorial, you will need nothing more than your internet browser and an interest in sound and music. Here in the beginner’s area, not all of the information is directly related to audio on your PC, but you’ll need to know this stuff if you want to be able to take advantage of all that the PC audio revolution offers. The box above and to the right contains a menu of topics. Each link will take you to a short segment on that topic. You can follow them in order, or easily skip to the one you want to start with. Each page of this tutorial will display the menu - to return to this page, click 'Introduction' at the top of the list.

Choose a topic from the menu above, or click the Next button to start at the top. Enjoy!

Beginner's Starting Point