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  4. Downloading Software

There are lots of musical possibilities, beyond simply listening to your CDs, that you can explore using your computer. You can edit music, record your own music, convert your LPs or tapes to CDs (see our tutorial on the subject!), create your own mix CDs, play with sound and voice effects, sing or make karaoke, download and listen to new music, make voice-overs, and more! Each of these possibilities generally requires its own software, so it is important to learn how to acquire such software. The most convenient and affordable method is to shop on the internet. We of course recommend Blaze Audio’s selection of programs, which you can buy through our secure purchase page right here on this website. We offer free trial versions of each program so that you can try before you buy.

There are websites that specialize in listing free and trial versions of software programs, and have hundreds of programs available. These sites are great resources and will often either give each product a rating, or show ratings submitted by other users to help you choose. Here are a few sites that list free or trial software programs:

(Remember that these are outside links and Blaze Audio has no control over their content).

To download software from one of these kinds of sites, use the search window or the categories provided to bring up a list of the type of program you want. Audio software products are often found under Multimedia and/or Audio. Some sites categorize programs by what operating systems they will work with. If you don’t know what operating system you have, click on Start for PCs - the operating system will be listed vertically along the left edge of the Start Menu. (Macintosh computers will have their own separate category on these sites).

Read through the descriptions and look at the screen shots (pictures of what the program looks like), and decide which program you want. If you need help matching what you want to do with the types of audio software available, click Next below to view our handy tutorial on that topic.

Click on "Download" or "Download Now" to download the program. A dialog box will appear asking you where to save the file. Save the file somewhere easy to remember because you will need to locate it to install it - we recommend saving to your desktop. Click “Save” and the program should begin downloading.

Once the download is complete, you are ready to install the program. If you need help installing, click Installing New Software in the menu above to skip to that topic.

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