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Radio Recording Suite

4 programs record internet & traditional AM/FM radio, make custom CDs of your favorite music or shows, offer studio editing control & world's easiest CD ripper/burner.

audio converter audio file converter

RipEditBurn Plus

Rip CDs, record streaming audio, iTunes radio, LPs, live music. Full range of editing options. Export to iTunes, WMP, iPod. eMusic compatible. Includes Vocal Reducer.

mp3 audio converter


Records, rips, edits Wave, MP3, WMA, burns CDs, removes or reduces vocals. Perfect for converting records & mix tapes to CD.

free mp3 audio converter free digital audio converter

RipEditBurn Plus

Our premier editor, CD ripper and burner, and recording program includes Vocal Reducer to reduce or eliminate vocals.

audio to mp3 converter audio format converter

ePodcast Creator

One award-winning program records, edits, makes overdubs, creates iTunes tags & RSS feeds, then uploads.

audio converters mp3 converter

ePodcast Producer -

The most complete integrated podcasting tool available. All-source recording, full DSP editing, on-screen teleprompting, live radio-style mixing, quick and reliable uploading.

wma to mp3 converter audio conversion

ePodcast Express

Uploads any audio file as a podcast. Creates RSS feeds, uploads, generates tags to list with iTunes directory.

wav to mp3 converter free mp3 converter

Voice Cloak Plus

Alter your voice, record VoIP conversations, voice chat. Presets, 5 band EQ, Echo, Pitchshift, more. Free Sound Effects.

music converter convert audio

Karaoke Sing-n-Burn

Sing with MIDI and .Kar files, record, mix, burn to CD, save as Wave or MP3. Customize lyrics display.

convert audio files wma mp3 converter


Recorder & editor, real-time 2-track mixing and layering. Create overdubs, voiceovers for videos, Youtube, presentations.

audio file conversion mp3 wav converter

Power Record

Scheduled, timed, instant recordings from any audio, including internet radio. Song Grabber records 5 or more minutes into the past!

convert mp3 to audio free wav to mp3 converter

Record Cleaner

Eliminates pops, clicks, scratches, hum, and hiss. Works with RipEditBurn Plus, RipEditBurn, & Wave Creator.

sound converter audio conversion software

Wave Creator

Easy wave & MP3 editing & recording at our lowest price. Full line of studio effects.

cd to mp3 converter ogg to mp3 converter

Wave Breaker

Split large wave files into small manageable tracks easily and automatically.

convert mp3 to audio cd mp3 file converter


Create original sound effects, change pitch, reverse your voice! Designed for kids; big fun for adults.

mp3 to wave converter protected music converter


Real-time control for your PC's audio with 10-Band Graphic Equalizer, 6 Custom Presets, Bass Boost. Get full studio sound.

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