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  For Educators  

Teachers, lecturers, music students, parents, choir directors, and special ed teachers are all using our products in amazing ways!

Read selections from our library of customer comments and tips, plus some tips from Blaze Audio.

Voice Cloak Plus
add effects in real time, use in online chat
Special Education

I work with primary age students in a special education classroom. Some of the students are hesitant to speak while others love it. To encourage the hesitant to speak students we use Voice Cloak Plus to answer questions during calendar and opening circle time. The software is loaded on a laptop so students sit around the laptop and pass the microphone. One student in particular has significant difficulty with fine motor control. He cannot use a pencil. It is my hope that he will use Voice Cloak Plus to voice record in place of writing with a pencil.

--Joanne M, Physically Handicapped Itinerant Teacher
RipEditBurn Plus and RipEditBurn
rip/record/edit/burn/export to MP3/connect to internet
Church Children's Choir

Record your own voice over music-play a CD on one channel of your mixer and add your voice on another channel. The output of your mixer goes right into RipEditBurn where you can create your CD. I did this with our church's children's choir and it came out great.

--Steve Z
H.S. Baseball

I use R.E.B. to make custom cd's for High School Baseball Games. I edit music for batter intoductions and special effects for crowd cheers and music in the middle of and between innings.

--William H.

I used REB for easy editing of music to fit a PowerPoint presen-tation of 4-H activities--lots of photos. Such a hit we will make a new one for next year's banquet!

--Diana L
Singing Practice

I use it to capture short sections of music from CDs minus any voice tracks then blend it with my own voice so that I appear to have professional backing. I have used this technique to improve my singing in accompanied style.

Dance Concerts

I use RipEditBurn Plus to edit music for our dance concerts at a community college.

-- kristin
Amateur Dramatics

I convert cassettes to PC usable files, and edit and merge music and sound files for amateur dramatics.

--Nick H
Choir Practice

I record from audio tapes that my wife makes at choir practice & improve them with REB's effects (especially making them louder) & record the different songs to CD. It makes going over the recording of the rehearsal much easier.

--James M
Power Point

I use RipEditBurn to edit sound clips for use in Power Point presentations.

--H Edward W
Vision Impaired

I appreciate the excellent keyboard access to your RipEditBurn Plus software. I am currently vision-impaired and depend on the easy access you provide.

--Joseph L


"Words cannot express my customer satisfaction. Your software is truly intuitive and easy to use. Your documentation and supplemental material on your web site is superb. Your support was excellent when I started using the product and had questions or comments. Now you have proven that your customer service is better than I would have expected - fast and appropriate. That is often times more important than the product and price."
-- Robert B.

For Educators
For Educators