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  LP & Tape Cleaners  

A dirty record or tape player will make a noisy recording that will be difficult to fix. We have found some inexpensive cleaning products to help you get the best results from the transfer process.

We recommend cleaning your vinyl record and phonograph needle every time you use them. Be sure to close the dust cover when the record is on the turntable, and to store the record in the inner sleeve with its opening facing away from the record jacket's opening. Vinyl records must be stored in an upright position away from heat to prevent warping.

Clean cassette players with our cassette cleaner. Just put on a few drops of cleaning fluid and run it like a normal tape for a short time. Store cassettes in their boxes away from dust, but don't try to clean the tapes themselves because they have a lubricant that must not be removed.

New record cleaning products coming soon!

New cassette cleaning products coming soon!


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LP/Tape to CD/MP3 Conversion Suite Plus

Transfer LPs and tapes to CD and MP3 with the Conversion Suite Plus: easy recording, superior editing capability, our in-house pro reverb, 1-click Bass Boost, drag & drop into editor, access to iTunes, WMP, eMusic, all online music services

Everything Pack Pro

This package adds a phono preamp, sound card and cables to the Plus version of the conversion software, all at a 20% savings. All the tools you need to convert records and tapes to CD!