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ePodcast Creator's awards

Excerpts from ePodcast Creator Reviewer's Comments from TopTenREVIEWS

With this program you can have it all - an audio recorder and editor, an RSS feed creator and an FTP client. ePodcast Creator easily takes our "TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award" for podcasting software.

Blaze Audio offers three products ePodcast Producer, ePodcast Creator and ePodcast Express. ePodcast Producer offers advanced tools, ePodcast Express simply helps with publishing. We evaluated ePodcast Creator that offers basic editing tools as well as publishing tools.

ePodcast Creator offers some of the best publishing tools available, including tag and feed creation and HTML and XML file generation. It can record in wav or mp3 format; can convert formats and supports iTunes tags and feeds. In addition, this software can record from almost anything and offers an extensive list of filtering tools.

Recording/ Importing:

ePodcast can record from almost any source, including from a CD, line in, sound card or an aux supply. It can import wma, mp3 and wav files, so it is extremely compatible in terms of audio formats.


This podcast software has more filters than any other program we reviewed, so if you are looking to clean up some audio or restore an old recording this is the best software for the job. It has notch, pop and click removers and a record cleaner as well as a low pass filter and a noise reducer. Of course it can also trim or add silences.

ePodcast Creator displays a waveform view and a VU meter and has a equalizer, a mixer and a track splitter. It includes basic effects, like amplify, bass boost, chorus, echo, fades, flange, normalize, pan and reverse.


ePodcast Creator includes the best publishing tools available in podcast software, it has every tool you need to publish your podcasts onto your site, including an ftp program. With this program you can add tags (iTunes and ID3), descriptions and links. It can publish in wma, mp3 and wav format, can generate xml and html files and you can adjust the bitrate. With these abilities you should be able to easily publish, no matter what player or host you use.

Ease of Use:

Blaze Audio has made efforts to make this program as easy to use as possible and experienced podcasters should have no problem figuring out this program.


If you need help with this program you can access embedded help through the program. Online Blaze Audio posts FAQs, tutorials and hosts a forum or you can contact them by email.

RipEditBurn's awards Review of Blaze Audio RipEditBurn

cnet rating-5

This program makes a fine all-in-one choice for performing a number of audio-related tasks. True to its name, the application capably rips WAV files from CDs, burns tracks to disc, and offers a full-feature audio editor. The modern, detailed interface manages to pack a lot into a small space and gives you clearly labeled buttons for all major functions. When ripping songs from a CD, you must click the Disc Lookup button to generate ID3 tags, as Blaze Audio RipEditBurn cannot retrieve that information automatically. The simple CD burner does its job well enough, although it doesn't appear to be as fast as other similar programs. The audio editor lets you apply effects such as normalization, flange, echo, and fades directly to any part of the waveform--even to only the left or right channels. As a bonus, you'll also find a built-in recorder that lets you capture incoming sound from sources such as a CD player, a record player, or a microphone. The only problem we had with this part of the utility was the annoying ad that sits in the main window until you load a file. Still, we think Blaze Audio RipEditBurn has what it takes to please all but the most pro-level users.

Tucows Review of Blaze Audio RipEditBurn

Tucows Rating: 4 Cows

" terms of output and the overall effect of the editing features, [RipEditBurn] performs really well. So plug in, amplify those files, and burn away." - Tucows

Other Reviews/Awards for Blaze Audio RipEditBurn

Other Reviews/Awards for Blaze Audio RipEditBurn

Voice Cloak Plus's awards

Softpedia says:

Blaze Audio's Voice Cloak Plus looks exactly as I was expecting it to: funny, very intuitive, 3D wherever possible, just fit for its purpose. Nice large buttons with readable text and fancy looks and even replaced by suggestive images, very simple menus and generally speaking a very simple graphic architecture, all meant for a single goal: making the use of Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus as pleasant and fun as possible.

Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus sports several “skins” that will surely suit any taste. Everything is slightly animated and will surely make a good impression on adults and children alike: it really looks familiar and warm; here, the graphic developers of the Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus have succeeded in eliminating the high-tech look usually met in sound processing applications and – instead - they have managed to install a very friendly atmosphere. The Acousticons are icons which have attached various sound clips to them; from laughter and screams to taunts and animal sounds, you have an extensive range of clips to choose from and you can be sure they will enhance your conversations.

Finally, one cool feature allows you to record any conversation you want. This feature, as the others as well, works with the most popular chatting services such as Yahoo!Messenger, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ, AIM and all audio data can easily be stored in WAV, WMA,MP3 and even in the OGG format, thus giving you the freedom to listen to recorded material on any major portable player with no restrictions.

I liked the fun idea which stands behind the development of the Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus and also the simplicity of this program: it is just built for use, no matter how inexperienced you might be.

Wave Creator's awards

Best of FindTheBest

"I have just purchased your Wave Creator and it is great!!! It is one of the best LP, cassette, line-in etc. recorders that I have used."

Brad W

"You guys rock...I tell ALL my friends about Wave Creator, seriously. I've got a TON of old tapes from the eighties as well as a lot of funky dj mixes from the early nineties...I plug my stereo into my laptop, crank up Wave Creator and in just-a-listen, I'm able to convert them all the mp3! Wave Creator's features also allow me to 'adjust-out' flaws in old tapes that play unevenly to one speaker or the other. I just record, then use your 'normalize' feature and it uplifts the weak sounds for perfect stereo! Thanks again!"

Aaron F

Power Record's awards

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